WWE Survivor Series: 5 Ways Team Bring It vs. The Awesome Truth Could End

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 25, 2011

WWE Survivor Series: 5 Ways Team Bring It vs. The Awesome Truth Could End

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    The main event for Survivor Series is set.

    While many believed that John Cena and The Rock would be part of a Survivor Series elimination match, the WWE decided to change things up and give us a straight up tag team match.

    No matter what happens in this match, the crowd will be on their feet the entire time.

    Expect this to be a great match just because MSG will be electric.

    It doesn't matter how rusty the Rock is.

    All that matter is that he will be in the ring and competing alongside John Cena for the only time ever.

    It is an exciting idea with many possibilities.

    Let's look at five possible outcomes for the match (in no particular order).

1. John Cena and the Rock Destroy the Bad Guys

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    Do you see the aura around Cena and Rock in that picture?

    That is their visible superpower.

    These guys are simply inhuman and untouchable in comparison to most of the roster today.

    Having The Rock and Cena just destroy The Awesome Truth at Survivor Series sounds like a WWE style idea to me.

    They probably would do it just so that Rock can get a huge ovation at the end of the night.

    If The Rock is not planning to be here any other time besides WrestleMania and Survivor Series, this is a possible situation; however, I really hope it doesn't happen.

2. Competitive Match with The Rock Getting His Moment to Shine at the End

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    Let's face it: The Rock is a god in the WWE.

    Sure, he is a great legend and arguably the most charismatic star in WWE history.

    However, the real reason he is such a big deal is that he succeeded in Hollywood.

    He has become a decently popular movie star, and he has had some blockbuster titles.

    That instantly makes him a bigger star than anything WWE has right now, including Cena.

    It is possible that The Rock will sit back for most of the match and let Cena, Truth, and Miz to do the majority of the work.

    Though, he will probably be the man with the win at the end of the night.

    While this is not the best scenario all around, it is certainly logical and will cause a huge pop from the MSG crowd.

    If this happens, expect a gigantic pop for the People's Elbow and Rock Bottom.

3. The Miz and R-Truth Pin Cena After Some Huge Assistance

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    The Miz and R-Truth are going into this night as massive underdogs.

    In fact, they probably don't really even have a chance against The Rock and Cena if the match is clean.

    However, this is not the kind of match that ends cleanly.

    This scenario is unlikely, but perhaps they could get some big support.

    Maybe from a new Raw GM or a heel looking to make a statement.

    Wade Barrett could even fit the bill.

    As long as it is not Kevin Nash coming in to help the duo, it would be cool and set up a slightly larger stable for the Awesome Truth.

    Again, this is unlikely but not impossible if they pin Cena in the end.

4. The Rock Turns on Cena, Still Gets Cheered

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    In the end, this is all a lead-in to WrestleMania.

    Why would the Rock even care about winning this match?

    As the match progresses, it would not be entirely shocking if the Great One decides that he has had enough of the punk John Cena, and he gives him a huge Rock Bottom.

    The problem with this set up is that he really changes nothing.

    Cena and Rock still face off at WrestleMania and have the same animosity toward one another.

    This result will definitely not turn the Rock heel.

    Nothing will make the Rock the bad guy in this match or at WrestleMania.

    Which is why...

5. John Cena Turns on the Rock, Turns Heel

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    Seriously, I cannot be the only one who thought of this the moment the match was announced.

    I know the IWC calls for it every time he is wrestling now, but it makes perfect sense here.

    How do you add to the animosity between these stars while still not burying the Awesome Truth?

    You have John Cena make his greatest statement possible.

    I know it is unlikely especially with a new shirt to sell, but what a moment it would be.

    John Cena will turn into the top heel overnight, and he will gain the greatest heel heat of anyone in the business.

    The main problem is: if this happens, there is no turning back.

    Cena is a heel from here to WrestleMania at least, and he is going to need to get into the heel routine quickly.

    I love the idea, and it works perfectly for the situation; however, the chances are slim to none at best.

It Will All Affect WrestleMania XXVIII

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    Two of the greatest WWE superstars of all time are headed for a crash course at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

    We are finally starting to see how the WWE will set up that groundwork.

    What happens at Survivor Series will hopefully leave a lasting impression for the WWE.

    I, for one, am excited.

    How about you?

    Thanks for reading!