WWE Vengeance 2011: What We Learned from Beth Phoenix's Win

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIOctober 23, 2011

We have come to a point where the result of a Diva’s Championship bout means nothing. Beth Phoenix retained her Diva’s Championship, but the match was sloppy, confusing and chock full of botched moves. So what DID we learn from Beth Phoenix’s win?

I think we learned that the WWE’s Diva division is still very weak. Did we know that prior to tonight? Maybe, but it was all but confirmed after watching a very shoddy performance from Eve.

After three consecutive pay-per-views featuring Beth and Kelly Kelly fighting for the Diva’s Championship, we were given a change at “Vengeance.” This time it was Eve who challenged Beth Phoenix for the title. Although the opponent was different for Beth, the match seemed just as painful to endure as if Kelly Kelly was still involved.

No one is cheering harder for the Diva’s division to improve than me. I honestly want to see exciting matches from these women. I will go a step further and say that most WWE fans want to see good matches from the divas because we are going to see their matches anyway! So they may as well put on a stimulating show.

The product we are currently getting is just horrific. Aside from Beth, Natalya and Maryse I cannot say I am very impressed with anyone else on the current roster. I was hoping Eve would have a nice turnout tonight, but she honestly is not much better than her predecessor, Kelly Kelly.

The victory for Beth Phoenix SHOULD mean she gets a new opponent for the next PPV. I hope the WWE does the right thing here and builds up a new feud with someone not named “Eve” or “Kelly Kelly.”

Most wrestling fans can respect the championship being around Beth Phoenix’s waist. The problem is she needs opponents that work good matches with her. What the WWE is missing right now is a marketable baby face Diva who is beautiful, charismatic and talented in the ring.

Diva’s fans, I sympathize with you. What we have learned is that nothing has changed in months. There is no sign of an overhaul to this division, nor is there any hint of things getting better anytime soon. I hate to be so pessimistic, because I really did have hope that the WWE would listen to their fans and begin to make changes to the Diva’s division.

Perhaps with Eve out of the picture, the WWE will find a new challenger for Beth that will impress us all. Maybe someone will step up within the ranks of the Divas and give us the dynamic match we have been waiting for. Time will tell.

What did you learn from this match?

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