BCS Rankings: 5 Teams Who Got Screwed in the Latest AP Poll

Colby Lanham@Colby1226Correspondent IOctober 23, 2011

BCS Rankings: 5 Teams Who Got Screwed in the Latest AP Poll

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    As college fans eagerly await the release of the official BCS Rankings for Week 9, we continue to observe the AP Poll in the hopes that it is a sign of what's to come in the evening once the official rankings are released. In this week's AP Poll, some expected and unexpected developments have occurred. And with these developments come the winners and the losers of the results.

    Despite the now unofficial AP Polls, they are a sign that indicate and give a pretty good idea of where teams now stand in Week 9. And with only four more weeks to go this season, the rankings are becoming a big factor in how the BCS Bowl bids will be divided among the top tier teams who still have the nerve to be in contention for college football's biggest stages.

Kansas State

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    One of the teams that got gypped in the AP Polls was the Kansas State Wildcats. After a stellar season in which they have fought hard to emerge in Week 9 at 7-0, the Wildcats just now cracked the Top 10 but had Michigan State and several other one-loss teams jump above them. This separates them from the other undefeated teams that stand alone at the top of the polls as Kansas State sits square at the bottom of the Top 10 list. Where's the credit that Kansas State deserves?


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    Houston is next on this list, not even cracking the Top 15 despite their unique, high powered offense and undefeated record. While they are also criticized because of their schedule like Boise State, they are still a good football team capable of scoring at will with quarterback Case Keenum at the helm of the offense. Houston wants to get a little Top 15 love, and they are once again held back from that prestigious status. Houston was one of the snubs that have been held back by the polls for some time, and they need to continue to prove on the field they are worthy of being better than No. 18.


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    In their "Shock the World" tour, the Tigers have gone farther than any one, including their own fans, could have anticipated, sitting at 8-0 and in contention for a BCS Bowl bid as well as an undefeated season. After their 59-38 thrashing of North Carolina, Clemson is gaining ground and is becoming a threat to the rest of the BCS contenders. And yet, they still got screwed in the AP Polls, as they only moved up one spot while Stanford jumped back above them and Boise State. Clemson remains outside of the Top Five. Clemson has proven it can play against anybody, and deserve to be above Boise State as they play in a BCS qualifying conference.


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    The Nebraska Cornhuskers were messed up big time by the AP Polls at No. 13. But since both Oklahoma and Wisconsin fell from the ranks of the unbeaten by lower ranked and unranked teams, it would have been the perfect opportunity for Nebraska to move up. But, they stay where they are, and Oklahoma and Wisconsin fall to No. 11 and 12, respectively. The Cornhuskers got gypped big time, especially since they made no ground at all in the AP Poll, and teams that lost to lower-rated teams hardly fell at all. Where is the Cornhusker love?

South Carolina

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    Similar to Nebraska, the Gamecocks were losers in the AP Poll, as they did not move up while Wisconsin and Oklahoma continue to remain above them in the polls despite their losses. The Gamecocks seem to have a little bit of momentum since giving the job to Connor Shaw a few weeks ago. He has given the offense a lift that former quarterback Stephen Garcia couldn't deliver. How they will stand the rest of the season without running back Marcus Lattimore remains to be seen, but until then, they need love in the polls too.