Manny Pacquiao Proves Critics Wrong, Oscar De la Hoya Quits In the Eighth Round

noning antonioContributor IDecember 6, 2008

Once again Filipino spit fire Manny "pacman" Pacquiao proved his critics wrong by stopping Oscar dela Hoya in the eight rounds during the mega fight dubbed as "Dream Match" at the MGM grand in Las Vegas, Saturday night.

The long months of debate and critics on the said fight from so called boxing experts has finally ended and Pacquiao definitely shut their big mouth off, (particularly the big mouth of Bernard Hopkins) after dela Hoya who was heavily favored in beating the Filipino Icon finally called the night off in the ninth after succumbing to severe punishments courtesy of the Pacman.

Pacquiao, dominated the fight from the opening bell unleashing relentless attacks to the body and to the head of dela Hoya who failed to retaliate because of quickness of Pacquiao who gave him a difficult night in finding his target.

Despite of the disparity size favoring de la Hoya, Pacquiao was gamely from the opening round landing strong shots to the face and body of the golden boy. Notably, de la Hoya felt those power shots, and could not countered because the Filipino boxer was all over him surfacing from different angles that made him baffled for his targets.

In the Fourth round, Manny connected with vicious combinations in the head and body of de la Hoya and again dela Hoya who tried to counter failed because the Pacman was to elusive for a clear target.

De la Hoya came back in the six and caught Pacquiao, in a corner but it seems that Manny is taking his best shots and countered him with right hook and left upper cut that rocked dela Hoya in the last ten seconds of the round.

Seven and eight were totally Pacquiao's rounds and de la Hoya's right face was swollen, he was beaten black and blue. At the end of round eight and before entering the ninth round, referee Tony Weeks cautioned de la Hoya, for not throwing punches and threatened to stop the fight if he has no answer to the onslaught of the Filipino boxer.

But, Weeks words did not wasted after dela Hoya's coach Nacho Beristain, who asked dela Hoya in his corner if he is alright and if he is dizzy, raised the white towel signifying the quitting of the Mexican-American hot shot dela Hoya.

Dela Hoya's camp reaction is just timely which probably saved him from more damage that might be inflicted by Pacquiao.  With the win, big pay day awaits Pacquiao including the now proposed Hatton-Pacquiao bout sometime next year (continue on second page).

With the accolade that Pacman has achieved the 90 millions Filipinos has joined him in celebrating the feat and ill tell you; tomorrow (Monday in the Philippines) it’s a holiday! Again as expected the world of every Filipino stops. Crime according to police authorities was zero, and no encounter between the Filipino government troops and rebels was registered.

That's how Pacquiao is big in the Philippines and in the rest of the world where Filipinos are.

On the other hand, dela Hoya still, for the millions of Filipino remain as an icon in the boxing world. His gesture of quitting the fight did not relegate his status as future Hall of Fame. He has fought big fights and won big which before his fall to the Pacman, has already cemented his legacy.

Dela Hoya made a right decision to stop the fight and for that he gained more respect than to fight and lose then later will cry that he was robbed of the victory. Accepting defeat is a true quality of a warrior!

To dela Hoya, you made the boxing world resurrected from its declining status. You changed the boxing world by giving the upcoming fighters the hope of pursuing their dreams in the four square jungle.

Even you will retire, Filipinos will always look at you with great respect and if you have time come visit to Philippines, we assure you will be treated like a king because you are gentleman and not unlike someone out there who does not know how to accept the reality of being a loser. Guess who is that? It's your ward.

And lastly, my predictions were right! On my previous articles, I often predicted that the Pacman will wear down dela Hoya on the late rounds and his speed, power and agility will be the key for his success.

In my article entitled “Weight Problems Hounds Dela Hoya Might End Up like Morales” i also predicted that weight issue will give dela Hoya the dilemma because his strength will definitely decrease and that really happened during the fight. Unfortunately, some of my readers contradicted me, but it’s ok!