Brandon Lloyd: 4 Things We Learned About Denver After Trade with St. Louis

Adam OdekirkContributor IIOctober 17, 2011

Brandon Lloyd: 4 Things We Learned About Denver After Trade with St. Louis

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    According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen via Twitter, the Denver Broncos have agreed to send their No. 1 receiver to the St. Louis Rams in exchange for a sixth-round draft pick in 2012, which could become a fifth-round pick depending on Lloyd's production with the Rams.

    This ends the talented receivers stint in Denver and makes Denver nothing more than the fourth pit stop in Lloyd's journeyman NFL career. Still, it was by far the most productive stop he has had, garnering a Pro Bowl nod and leading the league in receiving for a year.

    What does this trade say about the Broncos and where they are headed? Here are five things that stick out in the aftermath of the deal.

John Fox Believes in Purging Before Coaching

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    If this seems all to familiar in Denver, that is because this will be the second coach in a row who shares the "get his guys out" mentality before his "plan" for the team can actually take effect.

    That is not to say that this might not work and at least John Fox has some kind of experience with rebuilding teams as opposed to his predecessor but still, what happened to coaching up the guys you have?

    Just look at San Francisco where Jim Harbaugh basically took over a lackluster team from Mike Singletary, kept the same coaching staff and a majority of the roster and has them looking like an elite team in only six short weeks.

    Obviously, the scenarios are slightly different and maybe this move wasn't even all John Fox's idea but at some point the fans just want to see the most be extracted out of the players that they have on the roster. Kind of like what is being seen in San Francisco.

The Broncos Are Happy with Their 2011 Draft

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    Clearly, the Broncos are happy with their drafting acumen so far and are looking to continue to stockpile picks in an effort to rebuild.

    There is still a lot of story left to be written with the 2011 draft class but on the whole it is hard to argue that is has been the most successful draft in recent memory. Armed with that feather in their cap, Elway, Xanders and Fox are eager to accumulate picks to help them accomplish that feat again.

    For a team severely lacking in depth it is hard to argue with this plan and frankly if they can add another two starters and promising back-ups in April of 2012 the Broncos will be in much better shape than they are now.

Tim Tebow Won't Be Done Any Favors

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    If Brandon Lloyd were trying to market himself his slogan might be, "makes QB accuracy problems disappear!"

    That was going to be a huge help for Tim Tebow as he continued his audition to take over the Denver Broncos starting position full time. However, the Broncos are making no bones about the fact that this team was not simply lacking in the area of QB play and are going to take opportunities to build this team again.

    That means that no favors are going to be done to help Tim Tebow try and survive. If deals are offered for players who the Broncos currently have starting but are good to pass on, they are going to pull the trigger.

    This team might be in flux the rest of the season and who knows what effect that may have on Tebow, but at the moment the Broncos are interested in fixing the team as a whole and if Tebow happens to blossom in the process that would be a welcome by product.

The Broncos Made the Right Call

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    The Broncos were right to pull the trigger on the deal for Brandon Lloyd. Lloyd's career has resembled an NHL journeyman more than an elite NFL receiver and the Broncos were shrewd to part with him while he had some value for them to receive in return.

    Like the NHL "journeyman" Lloyd has the ability and talent to dazzle but his inconsistency is what has allowed him to move to 5 different NFL teams now. The Broncos were better off to part now than to face the unpopular decision of having to cut a player who had such a great season, even though it was just that "one great season."

    The Broncos will wind up winning in this deal as this draft pick could turn into a player or a chip to be used in another trade, while Lloyd will likely not end his career as a Ram.

    Broncos fans are hoping that they learned their lesson and are now going to benefit from Josh McDaniels ego and not be hurt by it again.