Sports: A Large Factor in Our Lives

Yama HazheerCorrespondent IIDecember 6, 2008

Sports are what make many people in the world get off their butts, go out and actually sweat and do some exercise.

For others, sports mean sitting down and watching every play, listening to every call, and cheering on for your favorite team.

Many are like me, they enjoy doing both. They may watch a basketball game and see Kobe Bryant shoot a fade away jumper over multiple defenders and want to go out and mimic every move they saw or maybe they saw Albert Pujols hit one out of the park and go into their backyard and attempt to make it go over the fence and into their neighbor's yard.

Participating in sports makes you healthier. It helps you get better at what you are playing. Sports are also fun to play, well maybe not if your team is down by a large margin, but everyone loses at least a couple of times in their lives

As the best basketball player in the world Michael Jordan once said, “You are not a good winner until you are a good loser”.

That doesn’t necessarily mean continue to lose, but you should know how defeat feels like a few times before you get exceptionally good at the sport you play.

You play for your school team, or you play for your YMCA league, or maybe even just play at the park with some friends, in the end you enjoy bringing out the competitive spirit in you and play for pride and respect.

Some are better than others, but teamwork ultimately wins you games in sports.

Not only is playing sports fun, but watching them can be some of the most entertaining things to watch.

Try hosting a Super Bowl party, or invite your friends over when your teams play each other.

If your team wins, not only do you get the satisfaction of a victory, but rubbing it in your friend’s face can be fun. But if your team loses, prepare for hell because some people will give you no mercy.

Trust me on that one, I’m a Raiders fan.

Another fun way to watch sports other than watching it on your high detention television set is actually going to the arena and attending a game in person. It will be a thrilling adventure.

Catching fouls balls at baseball games is one of the classic things to look forward to when heading out to the bleachers.

And the atmosphere at basketball and football games is amazing.

Hockey arenas seem like a cool place to visit as well. How would you like to see a guy get checked right in front of you while you get to enjoy your drinks and snacks? Sounds pretty awesome not only to hockey fans, but sports fans in general.

Why else do we love sports?

Playing and watching sports are fun, but there must be more to it.

Sports take you away from the problems in life.

Would you watch a rape case on the news? Maybe not. But what if you hear that it involves Kobe Bryant? That might catch your eye.

Or maybe a Michael Vick dog fighting case, or possibly a Barry Bonds steroids investigation.

You are strapped to your couch and want to see how some of America’s most hated athletes are making more mistakes.

Perhaps you are a Toronto Raptors fan and need to go to the Nets game when they are in town just to boo Vince Carter?

No matter what the case, we love and hate athletes. They can be your role models or your most hated people on the face of Earth.

Whatever the case, sports are a man’s best friend.

You are away from your own reality and into your teams. Using the word “we” to talk about your team just shows that you count yourself as a part of the team, but in reality, you are just a big fan.

I think that is what we all are. There may be some people that hate sports, but there are many more people in the world that love sports.

Sports are a big part of our lives, and I think we should take the time and realize that we all are sports addicts.

Whether you play, watch, or write about sports, we are all just living in a sports world.