Zenit St. Petersburg: Carlos Tevez Should Learn from Ovidius Verbickas

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IOctober 16, 2011

Zenit St. Petersburg
Zenit St. PetersburgEpsilon/Getty Images

Ovidius Verbickas told the Zenit St Petersburg website that his move to the team is "a step forward." Verbickas (Lithuanian and Zenit St Petersburg Midfielder) related about he signed with the team.

Verbickas talked about how scouts from Zenit St. Petersburg witnessed him play during the Lithuanian youth team matches. Verbickas related about how he was invited by the scouts to try out for Zenit.

The tryouts for Zenit eventually resulted in a Verbickas signing a contract with the major Russian Premier League team. The rest (according to Verbickas) is the creation of more opportunities. 

Verbickas admitted that his time is spent playing world football. Verbickas said that he had no problems adjusting to life in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Verbickas confessed that he would love to eventually play for CF Valencia in Spain. It is great that there are players who have loyalty to their teams and are willing to go the extra mile.

Verbickas is an example of how world football players can become responsive to the needs of their team, coach, and supporters. Verbickas deserves to be honored with an article since people like him receive very little publicity compared to the childish antics of Carlos Tevez at Manchester City.

The world will be better when more world football personalities adopt the thinking put forth by Ovidius Verbickas.