TNA Bound for Glory 2011: Predicting the Winners

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 16, 2011

TNA Bound for Glory 2011: Predicting the Winners

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    Tonight is TNA's Bound for Glory event. They have been building up to this night for months by having a series of matches.

    Each match would award the winner points, the amount would vary depending on the match type and the way it was won.

    Over the course of several weeks and dozens of matches we finally found out who would be facing Kurt Angle when Robert Roode claimed the top spot.

    Tonight also possibly marks the end of an era because Hulk Hogan has stated this will be his last match, but we have heard that before.

    The night is sure to be interesting, to say the least, as several feuds will be coming to a head tonight. I will try to predict who will win each match.

Ink Inc. vs. Mexican America for the TNA Tag Titles

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    The opening match, which is being broadcast on Facebook, is the tag title match between Ink Inc. and Mexican America.

    Mexican America and Ink Inc. are two teams who have not been together all that long, but both have proven they have solidarity and good teamwork.

    We have not seen much of Ink Inc. lately, and I think this match could be there way back into the limelight.

    Mexican America have been a decent team, but they are essentially just a poor version of LAX. Hernandez and Homicide were a great team, but this new combination seems forced.

    I am looking for Ink Inc. to take home the win and the gold tonight.

Samoa Joe vs Crimson vs Matt Morgan

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    Three big guys going at it over personal problems may end up being more interesting than the titles matches of the night.

    Crimson is still somewhat green in the ring but with Morgan and Joe in there to help this could be a great match.

    Crimson was getting a huge push during the BFG series, and looked poised to win the whole thing, but he was eventually passed by Robert Roode.

    Joe and Morgan have had numerous exchanges over the past month, with each man getting the better of the other on several occasions.

    Tonight will most likely not be the end of this feud, but it could prove to be a stepping stone to the next chapter in the story.

    Morgan is arguably the strongest of the three men, but not by much. Joe has the experience over both men, and Crimson has youth and momentum on his side so this is a hard match to call.

    I am going to predict that Joe comes out with the win simply because he hasn't had much to do in TNA since Hogan arrived and this could help get him back into the main event scene.

Jerry Lynn vs RVD in Full Metal Mayhem

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    These two men have a long and storied history. Staring back in ECW, they helped to revolutionize both hardcore and high flying styles in the US.

    Jerry Lynn came into TNA not long ago, and for a long time seemed to want to help his old friend RVD, but soon is became clear he was jealous of the success RVD has found.

    After costing Van Dam several matches the two finally got put into a match together for tonight's BFG event.

    It is sure to be a spotfest with both men being very comfortable on the top rope. I get the feeling that Jerry Lynn was brought in more to help enhance RVD than to beat him.

    I am going to predict that RVD will get the win solely based on the fact that Jerry Lynn would not gain much from a win, but RVD would stay relevant.

AJ Styles vs Daniels I Quit Match

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    Another match with a long standing friendship being tested is AJ Styles and Daniels I quit match.

    These guys have traded wins over the years, and many of their matches are basically just one long highlight reel. They have both had their hands on TNA gold both as enemies and as partners.

    AJ Styles has found more success in TNA than Daniels, and that seems to have struck a nerve in Daniels as eh has turned on his friend.

    After Daniels won a match on iMPACT a few weeks back he turned his back after AJ offered his hand in congratulations, thereby turning heel and showing he had no interest in being friends.

    Now that Daniels has had the taste of victory he wanted, he may look to take an easy way out tonight to get another win.

    I know the match is no DW but that does not mean Daniels can't eb underhanded with how he wins.

    I am predicting Daniels will get the win, and the feud will extend through the next PPV. A win for AJ would not do much for him, but for Daniels it would help him greatly.

Bully Ray vs Mr Anderson Falls Count Anywhere

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    This is a match that feels thrown together despite having been built up for weeks. Before the breakup of Team 3D I never though either man could be a bona fide singles star, but Bully Ray has really taken off with this bully gimmick.

    He is more intense than I ever remember hmi being in WWE and it looks as if he has been getting in better shape and losing weight.

    Mr Anderson has been at the top of TNA, but now he seems to be stuck back in the mid card, which makes me wonder if he is cut out to be a main eventer.

    I think these guys will put on a decent match given the stipulation, but I don't think it will be close to being the match of the night.

    I see Mr Anderson pulling out the victory, possibly with help from Devon.

Madison vs Velvet vs Mickie vs Winter

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    Two years ago the TNA Knockouts were the best women in wrestling. Now they have suffered the same fate as the WWE women have, which is being put on the back burner, despite usually being the highest rated segments on impact.

    It is no secret that wrestling organizations look for pretty women to get in the ring because it is more appealing to see hot chicks beat each other up than it is to see Bertha Faye against Shelton Benjamin's mom.

    TNA has some of the best looking, and most talented women in all of wrestling and it is a shame less effort is being put into their story lines than in the past.

    We used to get great story lines that seemed real, now we have Winter hypnotizing people. Not sure how they ruined a good thing, but they did.

    For this match I have no idea who will win so I will throw out a guess and say Winter just because she seems like she is on a roll lately.

Brian Kendrick vs Austin Aries

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    BK vs A Double should be a bigger spotfest than RVD an Lynn.

    These younger guys have something to prove on a card filled with more experienced wrestlers with long standing feuds.

    They have had numerous encounters leading up to tonight, and I have to say that this feud has been the best I have ever seen Brian Kendrick.

    He is getting better on the mic and his in ring work is becoming more polished. Austin Aries is also a great talent who in a short time has shown TNA he has a lot to offer.

    The X-Division title is on the line in this match, and I have a feeling that these guys will pull out all the stops to try an steal the show tonight.

    In terms of excitement this may end up being the match of the night. I see Austin Aries getting the win here. He is newer to TNA and giving him the win would help push him, while giving BK the loss would do little to hurt his current momentum.

Sting vs Hulk Hogan

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    I wrote an entire article about my displeasure that this match is even taking place so I will simply state that I think Sting will pick up the win.

Kurt Angle vs Robert Roode for the TNA World Championship

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    The main event of the night will see Kurt Angle face off against Robert Roode. Kurt Angle has been a main event star for years, but this is Roode's first foray into the spotlight.

    Roode has been a great worker for years and his tag team with James Storm went from being something that looked thrown together into TNA's best team.

    Angle is not long for this business as he is on the wrong side of 40 and has injuries stacked higher than the pancakes I ate for breakfast.

    I think at this point if Angle really wants to help put over the younger stars then he will do it by putting them over in matches like the one happening tonight.

    Giving Roode the win could be great for so many reason, but giving him the win could also be the wrong decision if he can't lead the company that way Dixie hopes he can.

    Angle doesn't need this win to prove anything, which is why I am predicting Robert Roode for the winner.

Jaff Hardy and Dixie

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    Jeff Hardy is set to appear tonight, but not in a wrestling capacity. I wonder if he will have anything to do in the Hulk Hogan Sting match or if he will simply be giving a promo with a possible sneak attack from someone with a grudge.

    Dixie Carter is also scheduled to appear so hopefully we will see if Hogan loses control back to her tonight.

    Enjoy the show and feel free to comment below.