Green Bay Packers vs. St. Louis Rams: A Cautionary Tale

Jacqueline Moen-KadlecContributor IIIOctober 16, 2011

Big flag, big expectations.
Big flag, big expectations.Matt Ludtke/Getty Images

Greetings from the Frozen Tundra, friends!

Welcome to Week 6 of football! And Week 6 brings us a matchup of the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers and...the St. Louis Rams?


I'm not too sure what to say about the St. Louis Rams. I mean no disrespect to the Rams organization, nor the fans or players. But, I had to Google information about the Rams this morning because I just haven't heard too much about them.

They play in the NFC West (I kind of knew that). They have a pretty good, young, quarterback in Sam Bradford. The Rams are coming off their bye week. And, they have an 0-4 record.

The 0-4 record is what concerns me.

Now, you may be saying, "Jack, you're insane! The Rams are playing the 5-0 Packers, at Lambeau Field! This is going to be a PRACTICE session for the Packers! The Pack might as well be playing a team of drunken college cheerleaders for all this game is going to matter..."

Not so, my friends.

As a fan of the green and gold, I offer you a cautionary tale that involves the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions. As many of you may remember, the Detroit Lions have "struggled" a bit before this season. The past 15 years, at least, seem to have been lean years in Detroit, right (with the exception of this season of course)?

Sam Bradford:  Enjoy your time at Lambeau Field.
Sam Bradford: Enjoy your time at Lambeau Field.Whitney Curtis/Getty Images

And every time the Packers would play the Lions, I'd hear, "Oh, the Pack is going to smear the hallowed grounds of Lambeau Field with the Lions' defense. The Pack is going to have a field day with the Lions' offense. Assured win on Sunday! Just warming up for the Bears/Falcons/Vikings/Bucanneers, etc."

And then the game would start.

And Packers' fans around the world would sit in astonished silence as the Lions would hold the Packers' offense, run/skip around the Packers' defense and wave happily from the end zone.  And this would leave everyone at Casa Moen-Kadlec saying, "What in the hell just happened?"

This would lead Manpig, my little football watching lifemate/husband, to run outside and seek out his super secret hidey hole where he stores his Old Milwaukee. 

Wisconsin winters (snowbanks) + football = Mother Nature's built-in beer cooler. 

If you were to stop by my house around May, when the snow starts to melt, you would be able to play the "HEY! That's where I hid that 18 pack of Old Mil during a snowstorm!" game. It's like Manpig's version of an alcoholic Easter egg hunt. He hides the beer in a snowbank, while drinking beer and watching football, and promptly forgets where he "hid" them.

And, if Manpig could not locate the super secret beer cooler during this game, I would find Manpig in the fetal position, whimpering, "But it's the LIONS! The LIONS!" I would then have to assure Manpig that life was not over as we know it and that all was OK in the universe, even though the Packers lost. Counseling appointments were made, extra provisions of Old Milwaukee were purchased and Manpig returned to normal. Eventually.

The Detroit Lions, aka Manpig's nemesis team.
The Detroit Lions, aka Manpig's nemesis team.Leon Halip/Getty Images

You know what I'm talking about, right?

Never believe for a minute that there is an "assured win" when it comes to the National Football League. The players on an 0-4 team are still professional football players in the NFL. You don't play professional football unless you have talent, motivation and some desire to win, right? And at 0-4, who wouldn't love to wreck a perfect season for the Super Bowl Champs and ruin the day of at least one surly Packers' fan (i.e., this Packers' fan)?

With that being said, I expect the Packers to hold on to a 6-0 start to the season at around 3:15 p.m. (Central Time) today. Kickoff at noon! 

Go, Pack, go!