Big 12 Power Rankings Week 10: Oklahoma Sooners Not Done Yet

Lake CruiseAnalyst IOctober 30, 2011

Big 12 Power Rankings Week 10: Oklahoma Sooners Not Done Yet

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    Is Oklahoma out of the national championship picture? Did Big 12 opponents lose respect for the Sooners?

    If so, then did the Sooners regain respect or lose more of it after their game last Saturday against Kansas State?

    Two weeks ago, Texas Tech lake-cruised and red-raided the Sooners in Norman. To the shocking chagrin of OU fans, it was one of the most back-handed slap-losses in recent football memory.

    Some of my readers may remember with vast familiarity the plethora of names used for my reports.

    Don't be confused if you're a new reader. It's called fresh, credible, entertaining and original reporting.

    What will the title of this week's report be? Join me to find the answer to this and other burning Big 12 Conference inquiries. You won't be sorry.

No. 10: Kansas Jayhawks, Searching for Better

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    I feel sorry for KU's football program even if they don't want my sympathy. After all they've been through in the last few seasons before Turner Gill arrived, Kansas is trying to get better.

    But, it isn't happening.

    Looking on the bright side, though, basketball season is simmering in the background at KU. Nobody has been better than Kansas in Big 12 basketball. Jayhawks football, however, was slam-dunked by the Texas Longhorns last Saturday by a score of 24-0. Far from raising a banner, that shutout raises a red flag.

    The abominable KU football defense plays like they're in a flag football league.

No. 9: Baylor Bears, Mouths Wide Open

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    Flagging losses down like taxis, Baylor's road has been very bumpy.

    They lost to Kansas State, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State on the road. There aren't any excuses in college football, though.

    Art Briles' Bears are fading faster than a stick-on tattoo.

No. 8: Texas Tech Red Raiders, Lost in Lubbock After Beating OU, Go Figure

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    Playing in Lubbock, the Red Raiders (5-3, 2-3) got tattooed during a Texas cyclone that rolled in from Ames, Iowa. Tech couldn't limit the damage and suffered an awfully embarrassing loss after throttling Oklahoma last week.

    It shows how unpredictable the Big 12 is. Picking a winner has been like throwing darts. Back to the drawing board, or dart board, for the pirates who wear cowboy hats.

No. 7: Iowa State Cyclones, They Raided the TTU Red Raiders

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    The storm was all over but the shouting as the Cyclones poured the prevailing winds of victory over Texas Tech. Up 31-7 in the third quarter, ISU (4-4, 1-4) continued to blow up and down the field.

    The fans in Lubbock are still wondering what hit them after the huge win by Iowa State knocked the Red Raiders below .500 in the conference.

    The Raiders now face Texas and Oklahoma State before traveling to face the next team on my list.

No. 6: Missouri Tigers, Back-to-Back Year Wins in College Station, Texas

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    After traveling to southeast Texas and leaving with huge wins two years in a row, the Tigers weren't purring this week.

    Instead, they were growling through the Texas jungle near Houston.

    It was a happy flight back to Missouri, for sure. Perhaps the Tigers, who desperately needed a win, were inspired by the World Series champion Cardinals.

    The Show Me State proved to the Lone Star State last weekend that their teams can never be counted out. The Tigers celebrated like they'd won the World Series. The Aggies could only shake their heads and mutter to themselves something like...

No. 5: Texas A&M Aggies, "Sheesh, Not Again"

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    "Sheesh, not again," the Aggies mumbled. The look on Mike Sherman's face says it all.

    His Aggies again showed their inconsistency by losing to Missouri at College Station for the second straight year.

    The Tigers in overtime, on the other hand, pulled an absolutely huge upset out of their paws.

    Meanwhile, A&M (5-3, 3-2) again snatched a loss from the jaws of victory and momentum from being on a roll. After winning three in a row, they now face Oklahoma and Kansas State in successive weeks.

    I don't know what to make of this Aggies team. Thus, I'll be watching them very closely in the next two games.

No. 4: Texas Longhorns, Mack Brown Finally Grins After His Team Shut Kansas Down

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    The Longhorns (5-2, 2-2) welcomed a black flag game against a weaker opponent after facing the Oklahomas in back-to-back weeks. With the score 33-0 in the third quarter, threes were wild.

    Texas' next three opponents—Mizzou, Kansas State and A&M—should play the Horns much tougher than Kansas did. It gives new meaning to the somewhat classic film Three the Hard Way.

No. 3: Kansas State Wildcats, What Just Hit Us?

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    Now in third place, Kansas State ran into an Oklahoma team that hit them with blindsided offense and stingy second-half defense.

    Rocking and rolling by OU had KSU had supporters wondering why the Cats couldn't have faced them before losing to Tech. Kansas State needed a tech-nine in the defensive backfield to stop the Sooners' passing game.

    Alas, guns are illegal to use on defense.

    Meanwhile, KSU dropped behind the Oklahomas in the conference standings.

No. 2: Oklahoma Sooners, Kansas State Who?

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    OU remains in the Big 12 and national championship pictures, perhaps at the expense of Kansas State. With the impressive victory in Manhattan, OU caught and surpassed the Wildcats in the barn-burning Big 12 chase.

    Oklahoma (7-1, 4-1) travelled to Manhattan, Kansas to face Cats at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The game turned out to be more of a family feud dominated by OU.

    Landry Jones set a school record by passing for 505 yards in the 58-17 trouncing of previously undefeated KSU. The Sooners certainly regained respect in the conference—if they'd lost any.

No. 1: Oklahoma State Cowboys, They Bend, Not Break

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    The bend-not-break defense of Oklahoma State's respects the Sooners, to be sure. The Cowboys (8-0, 5-0) give up a lot of yards and sometimes points, but they're No. 1 in the nation in terms of turnover margin.

    They forced five against Baylor last Saturday.

    The Cowboys are the lone undefeated team in the Big 12, but they have to play the Sooners later this season. OU has dominated the Bedlam Series.

    A bright spot for OSU is that the game will be played this year in Stillwater.

    On the other hand, it was played there last season and Oklahoma won it, 47-41, in dramatic fashion. Sorry if you missed that one.

    I won't feel sorry for you, though, for sleeping on the drama in the next rendition of Lake's Big 12 Topsy-Turvy Report.

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