Scott Hall Video: Watch Former WWE Star Hit Rock Bottom on ESPN E:60

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistOctober 14, 2011

For many years Scott Hall was atop the wrestling world as Razor Ramon in the WWE and Scott Hall in the WCW. He held numerous championships and was among each company's most popular performers.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol derailed his career, however, and are now in danger of ending his life. Hall will be profiled on an episode of ESPN's E:60 next week in an interview that discusses his problems with addiction and how it has affected his life. 

In a video previewing the episode, Hall is shown stumbling toward the ring at an independent wrestling show in Massachusetts. He is clearly under the influence of something as he is escorted to the ring by two people and can barely even step inside the squared circle.

Clips of an interview with him and also former WCW and current TNA performer Eric Bischoff are shown as well. Hall discusses how he is trapped by his addiction, but Bischoff suggests Hall's addiction is something that he chooses to do, and that it has no relation to wrestling.

Whatever the case, the path Hall has taken is a tragic, yet predictable one. His inability to keep his life together effectively led to the end of his time in WCW as well as his dismissal from the WWE upon his return.

Hall looked to be in rough shape when trying to make a comeback alongside Sean Waltman in TNA last year, but it was believed that he was beginning to get his life back in order. That didn't last long, however, as he was eventually released from that contract as well.

Hall has been involved with WWE-sponsored rehab on numerous occasions, but he has been unable to remain clean time after time. Despite the fact that he is only 52 years old, Hall's addiction has caused him to age quickly, and it makes you wonder how much time he really has left.

It's hard to say whether the wrestling lifestyle caused Hall to go down this awful road, or if wrestling is the only thing that is truly keeping him going at this point. Whatever the case, he needs to find a permanent solution before it's too late.

The E:60 segment looks incredibly riveting, so I'll certainly be watching, but all the while I'll be thinking about the wrestler and the man that Scott Hall used to be before his addiction spiraled out of control.