TNA IMPACT! Slamback: The Revolution Begins!

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IDecember 4, 2008

TNA continues to Cross the Line week after week. And tonight's broadcast was no different. With just a few days until Final Resolution, the big question was who would step up and gain an advantage heading into this Sunday's pay per view.

With that, here's what happened on tonight's broadcast of TNA IMPACT!

Beauty Truly Is Blind

As reported last week, Alaska Governor and former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin was slated to appear tonight to accept a huge donation and induction from The Beautiful People. The Governor made good on her promise to appear at The IMPACT! Zone...well sort of.

Everyone who has seen the Governor knows how she looks and what she looks like...everyone except for The Beautiful People. As a limo pulled up and opened, a Palin lookalike appeared from behind the tinted windows. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky seemed to be too excited to know the difference, but "Cute" Kip caught the ruse quickly. He tried to tell his ditzy partners this, but it went to no avail.

Speaking of The Beautiful People, a simple match between Booker T's wife, Sharmell, and ODB has turned into a six woman brawl involving Sharmell, Love and Sky facing ODB, Roxxi and Taylor Wilde at Final Resolution. If TBP wins the match, the prize couldn't be any better: They get Booker's prized dressing room.

The Power Struggle Continues...

As TNA kicked off, the Frontline was getting a motivational speech from the newest members, Team 3D. As The Frontline got more motivated, the Main Event Mafia came out to the ring to give Team 3D 60 seconds to change their minds about joining The Front Line. Instead, the 20x Tag Champs came out and made the announcement that we all saw coming: They will team with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe to face the Mafia at Final Resolution for Sting's TNA World Title.

With that, the Frontline popped up out of the crowd and showed their unity in full force. They all vowed that starting tonight, the Mafia would go down.

But the Frontline was off to a bad start as despite a tough effort by Samoa Joe, and obviously having the victory, TBP came out and sprayed hair spray into his eyes to allow Booker T to nail the Scissors Kick to pick up the win and retain the TNA Legends Championship. But with every bad action, in Team 3D's eyes, there is a chance to improve and get better.

With that, it was AJ Styles' turn to lock horns with the Mafia as he teamed with Christy Hemme to face TNA Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong and "The Enforcer" Scott Steiner. Things started to turn around for The Frontline as despite being outmuscled and outpowered, Styles and Hemme managed to pick up with win using some innovative double team moves.

The other members of The Frontline managed to score a victory as well as Consequences Creed, "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal and "Showtime" Eric Young picked up a hard fought victory over Jimmy Rave, Sonjay Dutt and Sheik Bashir thanks to a TKO from Creed. But even before the fighting started, Bashir decided that he wanted none of Eric Young and referee Shane he decided to not participate in the match.

But that didn't stop him from getting some shots in on his Final Resolution opponent, Eric Young. Young was caught in an ambush from Bashir, but managed to fight off the assault and chase the X Division Champion back up the entranceway.

But Kurt Angle wanted to have the last laugh before the night was over, so after sending a message to Mick Foley, he sent one to Jeff Jarrett face to face. Angle told Jarrett that after he takes out Rhino and Foley, he will destroy Jarrett, his company and his family at Genesis. But it was Jarrett that made one thing clear: That to take the company or his family, you will have to do it...over his dead body.

But Angle wasn't done for the night. He decided that he would try everything in his power to gain an advantage over "The War Machine" heading into Final Resolution. So while Sting and a bloodied Rhino fought tooth and nail all over the IMPACT! Zone, Angle made his way down to "cheer" his partner on...but it didn't take long for Styles to make an appearance as well.

As Angle tried to get physical with the match, Styles came over and dropped him to the ground with a hard right hand. In the process, Rhino dropped "The Icon" with a GORE! to pick up the win over the World Champion and secure the night for The Frontline as they went 3-1 in their matches tonight over the Mafia.

On Tap: This Sunday, it's TNA's final pay per view of 2008 as they present Final Resolution where everyone's lives will be changed! Will the Mafia continue their perfect pay per view streak? Or will the Frontline take TNA back from MEM? Is this Angle's last pay per view or will he finally get his rematch with The King of the Mountain at Genesis?