Evander Holyfield vs. Nikolai Valeuv: Is the Ring Evander's Holy Field?

Nathan AguilarCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2008

Evander Holyfield is headlining a main event once again, challenging for the heavyweight championship on a stage where he has performed many times before.  Holyfield age 46 will be facing not only a champion, but also an opponent that stands eight inches taller than him.

Nikolai Valeuv WBA heavyweight champion stands at seven feet giving him the alias “The Russian Giant.”   Valeuv holds a record of 49 wins (34KO) one loss giving him a knockout rating of 66.67%.  People would expect more from a boxer called the giant; fans crave the knockout power of heavyweights, and the Russian Giant isn’t living up to the hype.

With an 85" reach Valeuv should be able to measure his opponent up for a dominating knock out punch however, four of his last five fights went the distance.  The fight against Jameel McCline ended in the third round; due to a knee injury McCline couldn't fight any further.

Holyfield the smaller of the two isn’t unfamiliar with the situation.  Starting out as a light heavyweight he often went into the ring over-weighed by his opponent.  He’s faced heavyweights such as Lenox Lewis, George Foreman, Riddick Bowe, Larry Holmes and James Douglas.

I can’t forget the Holyfield-Tyson fights; Holyfield built onto his legacy by repeating what only one other boxer James “Buster” Douglas has done at the time, defeating Mike Tyson. 

He showcased stamina, resilience, and strength wining by TKO in the first fight, and frustrating Tyson to the point of a psychotic ear biting incident which led to a DQ in the second fight leaving Holyfield the winner. 

Holyfield’s boxing career has been a lot like his life he’s faced success and downfalls, but one thing is for sure he has fought his way out every time.  Media and Analyst say Holyfield continues to step into the ring because of financial problems.

It was stated that Holyfield almost suffered home foreclosure, and sponsors dropping contracts for steroid rumors.  Then he has limited areas he can fight due to records showing he’s not passing all of his pre fight exams. 

But, even through all the controversy Holyfield has managed to set up a title fight for the second time in a row within 14 months.  Coming off the loss against Sultan Ibragimov WBO heavyweight champion that ended in a UD. 

With an activity level that's exceeded most heavyweights within the last two years Holyfield states he’s in the best shape possible.  He also states that he is only living the life God gave him, and God is the only one that can tell him when to stop.

Fortunately, for Holyfield God hasn’t thrown in the towel, and not only will Holyfield be challenging for the title he will be fighting for history.  A win against Valeuv will make Holyfield the oldest fighter in history to win a title.

Currently George Forman holds the record winning the title from Michael Moore at 45.  Some people will criticize this fight and say that it represents what kind of trouble boxing is in.   But, they didn’t say that when Forman fought Moore they called it a great comeback.

I can’t say that The Real Deal Holyfield will win the title or if he will put on a great fight, but I can say he will show up.  He’ll lace the gloves up for his 54th professional fight and go to work.  Relying on God to get him through the battle he will show that he is a Christian by heart and a Warrior by nature.