Adrenaline MMA: Who Knew It Was Still Around?

Jared RussellCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2008

Adrenaline MMA, an organization I had essentially forgot about and thought had no longer existed, will be holding its second show this December.

Adrenaline, which is ran, owned, and managed by Monte Cox, had originally been a business partner of Vadim Finkelstein, owner of M-1 Mix Fight. The two had apparently merged together to make the M-1 Global organization, where the two would co-promote shows together.

Adrenaline was to be their first born as a couple, but the two broke apart with Finkelstein taking the M-1 brand name with him. I had thought Adrenaline was deceased, but, after looking it up on, apparently Adrenaline will still be holding its second show.

The first Adrenaline had a so-so looking main card with guys like Bart Palazewski and Mike Russow on it. More confusing, though, was addition to the main card of Daiju Takase, who has lost more fights than he has won, granted though he did beat Anderson Silva.

Nevertheless, I never heard much about how this card went or how exciting it was—I knew about it, but it didn't seem like anything to really care about.

So I had thought that this organization was gone—M-1 is looking to be more successful than it has ever been, so I assumed Adrenaline, no longer being part of M-1, had just faded away like so many others.

Well, guess what? It hasn't, and on this next card it looks to be actually quite improved with guys like Ben Rothwell on the card. But, strangely enough, headlining the show is Pat Miletich vs. Thomas Denny.

I thought Rothwell was a much more relevant fighter nowadays than Miletich? Wasn't Miletich's last fight a senior league match against Renzo Gracie that he lost?

Anyways, crazy world, and it is kind of fun to see an MMA promotion try to compete for viewers in a sport in which, if your name isn't spelled with a U-F-C, you are unlikely to stand a chance.