WWE: 10 Ways Zack Ryder Will Finally Get His Due on SmackDown

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 13, 2011

WWE: 10 Ways Zack Ryder Will Finally Get His Due on SmackDown

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    There have been some strange occurrences in the WWE.

    However, not many have been as big or unique as the rise to fame of Zack Ryder.

    Ryder began in the WWE in 2006.

    Since that time, he was a tag team champion (with Curt Hawkins), wrestled as an Edgehead and has become a Jersey Shore ripoff.

    The best chance he ever had was in the now defunct ECW, when he got a shot at the heavyweight title against Christian.

    Since that time, he has fallen to the wayside, including a career-destroying three-second WWE Title match against then-champion Sheamus.

    It seemed that Ryder was another low-card wrestler who was on a short leash near release.

    And then he made a statement that resonated through the whole WWE.

    He produced a show called the Z! True Long Island Story on YouTube.

    It was an instant hit that created an unexpected star in Zack Ryder, showing his great charisma and timely humor.

    It changed everyone's mind about Ryder and his ability.

    Chants for Ryder went off the wall quickly, and there wasn't a stadium that WWE performed at that you could not see a sea of Ryder signs.

    Even now, people are still questioning whether Ryder will ever get a shot in WWE. Well, the answer is obvious. Ryder is in line to become huge, and it will all start on SmackDown.

    Why? Well...

10. SmackDown Has Room for Stars

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    While Raw is loaded with guys from John Cena to The Miz, SmackDown still has some flexibility.

    Ryder could fit right in as a burgeoning star on SmackDown rather than a second thought on Raw to Mason Ryan.

    Ryder could take the brand by storm by feuding with stars like Wade Barrett or Sin Cara Negro.

    Think of all the ridiculous ways comedy that could come out of those feuds.

    The best place for Ryder to shine is a place where he will be noticed, and that place is SmackDown.

9. Teddy Long Is Becoming Stale

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    Zack Ryder is the assistant to the general manager on SmackDown.

    Teddy Long has been the GM of SmackDown for a long time.

    He has generally been the SmackDown GM on and off for seven years.

    That is a long time to be doing almost nothing.

    At this point, his presence is becoming a bore that needs a necessary boost.

    With him distracted by Aksana, it would be a great time for Ryder to sneak in and take control of the brand.

    He could make things interesting and fun for at least a few months while he builds up his image.

    It would definitely be a nice change of pace.

8. WWE Needs More Good, Light-Hearted Comedy

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    We have a lot of drama and chaos on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown.

    Guys like Mark Henry may be great to watch lately, but we also need some nice comedy, too.

    With Ryder involved in angles, he could give us some entertaining comedy that we simply don't see from feuds like John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio.

    While some stars like Triple H and CM Punk can blend comedy in well, WWE does not have enough comedy to weigh against their drama.

    With Zack Ryder on TV, he and Santino can carry the mantle of comedy in WWE for the foreseeable future.

7. He Is Getting Big Rubs from the Stars

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    If there was any bigger indication that Ryder is finally going to get pushed, it was his segment with Hugh Jackman.

    Ryder was able to carry off the momentum of having a star in his corner and pin the US Champion twice in two weeks.

    He has also been pedigreed and mentioned repeatedly by Triple H.

    Even Trish Stratus knows who he is.

    Ryder is certainly getting the necessary rub to become a star.

6. He Is Gaining Credibility

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    Ryder has pinned the US Champion.

    He has teamed with the tag champions.

    He is the assistant to the SmackDown GM.

    Everything he does is making him look much more credible.

    Hopefully soon we will never have to remember his squashing by Sheamus.

5. He Is Able to Create Other Stars

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    Not only has Zack Ryder looked great lately due to his videos, he has been able to put over a lot of people.

    Primo, Curt Hawkins, Scott Stanford and William Regal have all gained some more support by being associated with Zack Ryder.

    It just shows you how far he can go.

    Just like CM Punk and John Cena can help put over guys, Ryder can give some stars who are falling off our radar a necessary push forward.

    Maybe it will even lead to a Big O debut in WWE.

    Which is possible if his time NYWC appears fruitful.

4. He Has a Huge Fanbase

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    It began small.

    A few people watched the YouTube video and began supporting Ryder.

    Now, it seems like the WWE cannot go anywhere without a large population of guys chanting for Ryder and holding up signs.

    I guarantee you that most mid-card stars could never even hope to find the level of support that Ryder has already gained.

    And, if that wasn't enough...

3. His Following Is Growing

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    Everywhere there are Ryder chants.

    There seem to be more and more signs each week.

    Don't mistake this for being just a large group.

    This support for Ryder is growing by the day.

    No one can stop the Ryder Revolution.

    It is upon us.

2. He Sells

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    I don't know about exact numbers, but there is no doubt that Zack Ryder can outsell the majority of the locker room.

    He is not as hot as CM Punk or John Cena, but he has recently caused the WWE to release everything from his Broski headband, to a hooded scarf, to a night light.

    Everything sells, and it is always in demand.

    If that doesn't tell you that Ryder is a star in the making, what does?

    WWE always loves to promote stars that sell, so they need look no further than Zack Ryder.

1. His Talent Is Undeniable

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    Zack Ryder is the complete package.

    Sure, he has not been able to show his ability to be serious much, but he has the mic skills and in-ring ability of a star.

    Ryder is nothing less than a star in the making.

    Just watch the long matches on Superstars to see his ability in the ring.

    Also, watch him work on the mic whenever he really gets a chance to let loose.

    A star is made through charisma and in-ring ability, and Ryder has it all.

Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!

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    The Ryder Revolution will never stop!

    With Ryder's talent and chances to succeed on SmackDown and Raw, look for Ryder to finally get his chance to shine soon enough.

    So take care, spike your hair.

    Woo woo woo, you know it!

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