Formula One Rule Changes 2009: Giddy-Up Kids, the Rubber's on the Road Now!

Ian WalshContributor IDecember 2, 2008

Well it only took 'em 10 years to fix their mistake, but they're back, back in black!!

Slicks with no traction control: Praise the car gods. this is the true way, all the power and all the rubber at the same time. As a Kimi fan, the wrongs of last season will be righted.

This means more power out of the corner quicker. Oh yeah, they can stop quicker too. Or at least you thought they could before....

The new aero rules,which boil down to LESS DOWNFORCE sounds fast, but this also means you better get on those brakes a lot sooner. I smell a passing opportunity CQC-style (close quarters combat).

Drivers can now make two wing adjustments per lap via the steering wheel, up to six degrees worth. The front wing is lower and wider, almost Indy-car like, and the rear wing becomes taller and smaller.

Engine rules state the you must use the same block for three races instead of two. Teams will be forced to slack back on flat-out settings to ensure the life of the engine.

There is also a rumor that engines will be more regulated to equalise. Why don't they take out the F and the 1 and call it INDY?

KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) is the coolest but most frustrating change. KERS is a system that gets its power from the kinetic energy given off by the brakes (when being used) and stores it to be used as boost, seven seconds of it once a lap.

Yeah, I know, saaaaaaweet, but this is most frustrating to the mechanics that have to jam the system in the car, and account for the weight.

So we get better tyres, and boost, but more weight, and less downforce. 

But the best change of all, Testing , they only get 20,000 km instead of the 30,000 km they got in 2008 to figure all of this out. The reason you ask: to cut overall costs.

I guess Bernie Ecclestone cuts costs by getting his mom to cut his hair using a bowl.