Should Martinez Ever Face Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Manny Pacquiao?

Vitali SCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2011

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - NOVEMBER 20:  Sergio Martinez enters the ring against Paul Williams for the Middleweight Championship fight on November 20, 2010 at The Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

Ever since Sergio Martinez (48-2-2) knocked out Paul Williams (40-2-0) in November 2010, he has been looked at as the new face of the middleweight division.

There is very little argument in the fact that Martinez is a tremendous boxer as well as athlete, but how do people come up with their prediction that Martinez would be a good and challenging opponent for either Floyd Mayweather Jr. (42-0-0) or Manny Pacquiao (53-3-2)?

Based on the way Martinez fights—this can be evident in almost all of his fights, including Serhiy Dzinziruk and Darren Barker—Mayweather Jr. would feel as if he is fighting a first-time amateur. Pacquiao would also make a very short night of Martinez.

Both Pacquiao and Mayweather Jr. would win their fights in a decisive and likely devastating knockout.


Have you ever seen Martinez fight with his hands up? His style, which by the way is extremely effective against many fighters, is tailor made for some.

Recently, I watched a few of his latest fights, and to me, Martinez seems to be one of those fighters who is unlikely to adjust and re-adjust during his fights.

His hands down and body tilted forward, ready for retraction and a counter shot, Martinez’s style is great against slower and more reserved fighters.

Imagine him doing this against Mayweather: Do you think that his retraction time is quicker than Mayweather’s hand speed and reaction time? The answer for most, should clearly be a no.

What about the same scenario against Pacquiao: Would Pacquiao throw one shot trying to land, and then stop? No, he would not. Evey time Martinez would deliver his face to Pacquiao, he would be in a perfect position for a barrage of punches from Pacman.

No matter how long I watched the fight and how many different scenarios I imagined, Martinez does not beat either man, and likely gets knocked out by both.

Arranging a fight like that for Martinez would be a terrible strategic move for him in terms of career, as well as financial gain.