9 Things The WWE Is Currently Doing Right

A.D. Christian VitaleCorrespondent IIOctober 7, 2011

9 Things The WWE Is Currently Doing Right

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    Hello Bleacher Report!

    I'm here today to talk about what is currently going on right in the WWE. The WWE has been on a roll for the past several months and I thought it would be nice to give them the credit they deserve. These slides are on general facts of the WWE product today.

    Just sit back, relax, and enjoy!


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    For years, WWE has been having a hard time giving us feuds that have depth to them. And the feuds that could make sense were used so many times that people just grew bored of them.

    When I look at WWE today, I can honestly say, “Wow! I don’t think I have seen that before!” or even, “I wonder what the outcome will be?”

    WWE is giving us more questions and less answers. But that’s how it should be. Why should we watch if we know what will happen?

Creating a Main Event Outside the Championship Match

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    The defining moment for me was at Hell in a Cell when I saw Miz and Truth attack.

    I immediately said, "We finally have a main event!" I am not talking about one hit wonders (people who are in the main event for a couple months and then disappear forever).

    I am talking about solid main event talent. HHH, Cena, Orton, Punk, Miz, Truth, ADR, Sheamus, Mark Henry, Christian all have officially proven to me that they can stay at the top.

Giving Veterans Their Dues

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    The three that immediately come to mind are Mark Henry, Christian and CM Punk.

    For years, these men watched as various other stars stepped over their heads to challenge for the world titles while they jobbed or were put into useless feuds. Not anymore!

    Mark Henry is at the peak of his career and I am hoping for a long reign on SmackDown. Christian was in potentially the feud of the year with Randy Orton and captured the World Heavyweight Championship twice.

    Last but not least is CM Punk. The day of his shoot promo, fans just knew things were going to shake up in the WWE. Were they wrong? I believe he ushered in change to the WWE. But I still give WWE credit for taking the first steps in this storyline.

Not Pushing New Talent to the Top Titles

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    The one thing that got me sick over the past year or two is the amount of new superstars that got a super push to the main events.

    The fact of the matter is that giving a rookie a world title is going to go nowhere.

    The second they lose the title, they immediately crash into the mid-card. Then, it requires an entire persona change and months of building up before they can even be credible again.

    We saw this happen with Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio early on in their WWE careers.

    I get it, WWE was praying that one of them would catch on and become the new Stone Cold or John Cena, but it just is not possible.

Building Superstars the Natural Way

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    This slide is directly related to the slide before it. Over the past several months, I have been excited in the WWE’s invested interest in really building up a star in the mid card.

    Sheamus is officially part of the Fantastic Four (Cena, Orton, Punk and Sheamus) and the ending to RAW this past Monday proves just that.

    Cody Rhodes is also being build up. Over the past few weeks, he has managed to defeat Randy Orton. He is the current Intercontinental Champion and to have him feud with the face of SmackDown is definitely a sign that Rhodes is going to be in the main event sooner rather then later.

    Dolph is the United States Champion and not only has he improved on the mic, but he is also part of the hottest angle in the WWE right now.

    You see what you can do with a little patience and some TV time? Congrats WWE, you are one step closer to creating a new main event roster.

Giving Fans Something New

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    We are currently in the middle of many new changes in the WWE program. There is so many to go into, but allow me to list a few that are well known:

    -The Conspiracy Angle
    -Mark Henry’s Reign over SmackDown
    -Cena and Orton are not holding a title (at the same time!)
    -Cena and Orton are potentially moving away from championship feuds.

    Feel new to you? It’s new to me!

Rebuilding the Divisions

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    When my friend told me that only the tag team division and divas division are the only one being rebuilt, I immediately knew he was wrong.

    Yes, it is true that they are being revived by the likes of Kofi, Evan and Beth, but look at the bigger picture. The mid card is also getting revamped.

    For years, the United States Title and the IC Title have just been there as something to put on a rookie’s resume. These days, it is being used as a bridge to elevate stars to the main event.

    And like I was saying before, the main event is also being solidified for the first time in years. Who else agrees?

Using TV Time Wisely

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    Anyone remember the guest host? I do.

    It’s what I think of as a low-point in WWE.

    Every week we saw a different person running the show. It left us with nothing but a two hour feud (if that) and had no effect on the product as a whole.

    Anyone remember the title reign of the Bella Twins? I do.

    It’s what I think of as a low-point for the Divas Division.

    It was nothing but a squash mash that gave divas five minutes of TV time to work with each week. Anyone remember Chavo vs. Hornswoggle?

    Alright, I think I have listed enough. Long story short, I am glad TV time is being used the right way. By that I mean enhancing feuds, creating stars and giving fans what they really want.

    So, what is it that fans truly want?

A New Era

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    I am officially declaring the PG Era over.

    People are swearing, Rhodes is bleeding everywhere, The Rock is coming back and chaos is consuming RAW.

    Okay, so maybe all of these don’t seem huge, but they are!

    I know, the Attitude Era is never coming back. But at least fans can feel better knowing we are more close to it then we have been in the past decade.


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