Unusual Suspects: 5 People Who Could Be Behind the WWE Conspiracy

Ryan SzAnalyst IIOctober 4, 2011

Unusual Suspects: 5 People Who Could Be Behind the WWE Conspiracy

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    With the end of the Hell in the Cell PPV and last night's Raw, fans are wondering who could behind everything that has gone wrong in the recent months in the WWE and Raw specifically. As Jerry Lawler told Triple H last night, someone is out to ruin him, but everyone else is paying the price.

    Whether it's the Miz and R-Truth getting back into the arena after the main event of HIAC or how the cell was re-lowered, something is afoot.

    That along with the vote of no confidence that happened last night as Raw went off the air gave me a few ideas about who could be behind this systematic breakdown of Triple H and Raw. So with that in mind, I decided to give my opinion on who the five best possibilities are for that mysterious being trying to destroy Triple H as COO and Raw as a show.

John Laurinaitis

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    Starting off the list is the man that many fans feel is too obvious of a choice. Laurinaitis up until recently has been a behind the scenes guy for the WWE talent division. It wasn't until CM Punk's first worked shoot promo that many casual fans even knew the man's name.

    Then as the weeks went on he became more of a focal point in the current conspiracy storyline, even getting involved in a couple matches. He has also made himself very clear that he doesn't like Triple H's lead and that he should step down. And let's not forget the ominous text messages that he is always sending out to an unknown party.

    It is for that reason that he seems like the most unlikely candidate because it would be too obvious for him to behind the conspiracy. To me, Laurinaitis is more like an Eric Bischoff in the middle years of the NWO, a lackey to the main leader. While Laurinaitis may be the guy to let the Miz and R-Truth into the arena or to lower the cell, he would be doing those things on someone else's orders and the text messages are just a "Yes sir" to his leader.

Shawn Michaels

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    It would be the ultimate backstab and the best way for Shawn Michaels to get back at Triple H. For every time that Triple H betrayed Shawn, having Shawn betray Triple H like this would beat all of those by a mile.

    Imagine the story, Triple H confronts Laurinaitis saying that he is the traitor, Laurinaitis denies it vehemently causing Triple H to ball his fist and get ready to pound ole' froggy voice when the opening drum beat starts for "Sexy Boy". The fans go nuts at first as HBK comes out and that ends quickly as he's joined by the Miz and R-Truth.

    His reasoning would be simple as he would reiterate the line he gave over a decade ago, "If I'm going down, I'm taking everyone with me". He would talk about his final match with the Undertaker and having to retire, even though he didn't want to. He would say he was honored that Triple H tried to defeat the Undertaker in his honor the following year, but to HBK's dismay, Triple H lost and that would be the straw to break the camel's back.

    So he made a deal with Laurinaitis to get rid of Triple H in exchange for getting his job. This could lead to a Team Triple H vs. Team HBK at Survivor Series where the winner is COO.

Mick Foley

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    This would be the most shocking out of anyone on this list, but it makes a lot of sense. With all of the talk of Mick Foley making a return to the WWE, what better way than to be the man behind the Conspiracy. He would have more reason to than HBK as Triple H and the many faces of Foley have had a real love/hate relationship with a bit more hate thrown into the mix.

    Foley would love to stick it to the man who beat him so many times for the World Title, and what better way to reintroduce him to the WWE fans. This too could lead to a Survivor Series match with the COO position being up for grabs. That or another Street Fight between the two.

Stephanie McMahon

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    Mrs. Triple H is next on the list. Since Triple H became COO, you haven't heard a lot from the McMahon Princess have you? She could be lying in wait to strike, to take back what she feels is rightfully hers.

    Even though her husband is in control of the company so it's technically family, he's still not a McMahon. Stephanie could play it as she was passed over for her birthright. Vince was removed, Shane is no longer in the wrestling business, and Linda is running for senate, so Stephanie should have been given control of the WWE on a silver platter. Instead it was given to her wrestler husband.

    It also make more sense that Laurinaitis would still be loyal to the McMahons and would do anything to helped them, especially if it got Triple H out of the job. And since it would be a husband/wife feud, it would be something new for the younger generation of fans to see play out before them.

Vince McMahon

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    The man who lost the COO job to Triple H. Just like Stephanie, it would make sense for Vince to want to ruin Triple H as a McMahon is not running the WWE. Plus, Vince has a history of being an evil mastermind, being the secret leader of the Ministry and joining forces with Steve Austin at Wrestlemania XVII.

    He has also shown the willingness to destroy his own company, like when he brought in the NWO after losing to Ric Flair at the Royal Rumble. He could have his lapdog Laurinaitis help him in striking at the armor of Triple H. So while not an original idea, it could work with the right buildup, especially after the vote of no confidence that happened last night on Raw.

    That alone could give Vince the fuel that he needs to take back his company and to try and bring it back to the status quo of what it used to be for him. This would then lead to a feud with Triple H joining forces with the man he was recently feuding with, CM Punk, in an attempt to take down the super heel Mr. McMahon once again.