WWE Hell in a Cell 2011: Miz and Truth and 11 Most Memorable Moments of PPV

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIOctober 4, 2011

WWE Hell in a Cell 2011: Miz and Truth and 11 Most Memorable Moments of PPV

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    WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 is officially in the books, and what could have been a completely forgettable pay-per-view actually turned out to to be a very memorable one.

    Although the build to the show wasn't all that great thanks to the mere two-week time frame between it and Night of Champions, it still delivered the goods.

    Sure, there weren't any five-star bouts on the card, but there were plenty of other moments from Sunday that will have wrestling fans talking all week long.

    We witnessed the return of two "fired" superstars, a couple of title changes and even the reintroduction of a piece of WWE history.

    So, let's take a walk back down Memory Lane, shall we?

    Here are the top 11 moment from Sunday's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

11. R-Truth and The Miz Get Thrown out of the Building

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    At the start of the pay-per-view, the recently "fired" R-Truth and The Miz showed up at ringside after buying tickets to the show, but John Laurinaitis was having none of it.

    He called for security to throw both guys out of the building, and they did just that.

    Five security guards escorted The Miz and Truth up the stairs and out of the arena, while both guys protested that they had a right to be there as fans.

    We've seen this angle done numerous times before, but The Miz and Truth did an excellent job of playing to the crowd here and foreshadowing what was to come later in the show.

    Even after they were booted out of the New Orleans Arena, we all got the feeling we'd be seeing them again later in the night. We were right. 

10. The Incredibly Boring Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara Match

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    OK, maybe this is not what you want to be remembered for, but this is what sticks out in my mind the most about the Sin Cara (black) vs. Sin Cara (blue) match.

    The crowd was completely dead for most of it—other than a few spots here and there—and I found myself thinking, "Man, this match is really flopping."

    On paper at least, a match that features two high-flyers like Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara would be a good fit for the show opener, which is generally used to get the crowd excited for the rest of the card.

    But I'm glad this bout wasn't the first one because the live crowd didn't seem to appreciate the lucha libre styles of either Sin Cara, and the match was disappointing as a result.

    I totally forgot who won until I re-watched the pay-per-view, because all I could think about was how bored the fans were almost from the get-go.

9. Sheamus Gets the Victory over Christian

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    There was nothing overly great about the Sheamus vs. Christian match, other than maybe the consecutive spears hit by Captain Charisma near the end of the bout.

    I kind of got the feeling that the WWE was holding Sheamus and Christian back because they'll have more pay-per-view matches down the road, but all in all, it was still enjoyable and a very good opener.

    The thing I liked most about the bout, though, was Sheamus going over. Now, I know Christian fans might not like the move, but the Celtic Warrior needs notable wins at the moment much more than Christian does.

    Sheamus' baby-face turn is still in its infant stages, and it's important to build him up as the No. 2 face on SmackDown.

    Giving him wins over the blue brand's top heels (like Christian) is a great way to do that.

8. R-Truth and The Miz Return To Attack Air Boom

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    In a backstage segment, John Laurinaitis and Triple H rushed into the locker room to find security personnel ripping R-Truth and The Miz off of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, who were laid out on the ground.

    The security staff then escorted Truth and Miz out of the building for the second time that night, which left many fans wondering how they were able to re-enter in the first place.

    The segment did a great job portraying both Truth and The Miz as crazed heels, while also playing into the whole "Triple H is losing control of the WWE" storyline.

    Like with Miz and Truth appearing at ringside earlier in the pay-per-view, this also made many fans think that something even bigger was brewing, and it was going to erupt before Hell in a Cell went off the air.

7. Kof Kingston and Evan Bourne Successfully Defend WWE Tag Team Championships

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    Before they were getting beat down by R-Truth and The Miz, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne were busy successfully defending their WWE Tag Team Championships in an impromptu match against Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.

    The bout was exactly what fans want to see out of the WWE's tag team division—four young, athletic superstars going balls to the wall.

    While the match was shorter than what I would have liked (about 10-11 minutes), it did feature an awesome sequence that started when Bourne got the hot tag from Kofi and ended with a Zig Zag and a clothesline from Ziggler.

    These four guys worked their tails off in this bout, and it made me excited about what the WWE's tag team division could be. I also liked the decision to keep the belts on Air Boom because they should be tagging for the foreseeable future, while Ziggler and Swagger will likely split sooner rather than later.

6. Randy Ortons Post-Match Beatdown on Mark Henry

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    Following Randy Orton's loss to Mark Henry, it looked like the World's Strongest Man was going to put Orton on the shelf by destroying his leg with a chair (a la The Big Show, Kane and The Great Khali).

    But Orton was able to avoid Henry, grab the chair and put his own a**-whooping on Henry.

    I liked this segment for two reasons: It kept Orton looking strong even following his second straight loss to Henry, and it was a sign that the feud between these two isn't over.

    Say what you want about the in-ring work between these two, but Orton and Henry have put on a very entertaining feud so far.

    And it's not time for Henry to move on to another World Heavyweight Championship feud because no one—I repeat, no one—is going to put on more watchable matches with the World's Strongest Man than The Viper.

5. Beth Phoenix Beats Kelly Kelly for Her First Divas Championship

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    Here is today's "WWE: Did You Know?" segment:

    Did you know that Beth Phoenix had never held the Divas Championship before her title win at Hell in a Cell?

    That's an absolutely travesty when you think about the likes of Eve, Alicia Fox and Brie Bella holding the divas title at all, much less more than once like Eve did.

    Beth Phoenix is the absolute best that the divas division has to offer, and she probably should have won the divas title at either SummerSlam or Night of Champions.

    Thus, I'm not thrilled that it took her three tries to beat Kelly Kelly for the Divas Championship, or that she had to do it with a dirty finish.

    Nonetheless, I'm happy Beth won the belt, though—that's undoubtedly the right move.

4. Alberto Del Rio Wins His Second WWE Championship After Taunting John Cena

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    Why did John Cena even win the WWE Championship at Night of Champions if he was just going to lose it at Hell in a Cell?

    I have no idea what the answer to that question is, but I do know that Alberto Del Rio is your new WWE champion.

    ADR won his second World title at HIAC after Cena was locked outside of the cell, and he was able to lay out Punk with a steel pipe to get the victory. The finish to the match left the door open for the Cena/Del Rio feud to continue because Cena didn't take the pin.

    I'm not really a Del Rio fan, but it was nice to see that the WWE brass have enough faith in him to give him another WWE title run since they screwed up the first one so badly. 

3. Cody Rhodes Reintroduces the Retro Intercontinental Championship

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    Cody Rhodes wasn't originally scheduled to wrestle at Hell in a Cell, but in typical WWE fashion, they threw together an impromptu Intercontinental Championship match with Rhodes defending his title against John Morrison.

    I guess jobbing since his return from injury allowed Morrison to get the title shot, but that's beside the point. The match wasn't really what mattered—it was the promo that Rhodes cut before it.

    Rhodes said that it was time to get rid of the current Intercontinental title, so he then reintroduced us to the old-school, white Intercontinental Championship that was used in the WWE in the late 1980s and 1990s (and will now be used going forward). 

    During the promo, Rhodes brought up the names of legends and Hall of Famers who have held the IC belt, and he came across as a true star by guaranteeing to defend it as much as possible.

    Not only did the promo do a lot for Rhodes' character—by making him look like a true champion—but it also brought back one of the best-looking belts in WWE history.

2. Randy Orton Loses Clean Again After Mark Henry Kicks out of the RKO

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    How many people kick out of the RKO? Better yet, how many people beat Randy Orton clean on two consecutive pay-per-views?

    The only one I can think of who's done both of those things (at least recently) is...Mark Henry.

    As much as we all like to complain about how Orton "never loses clean," he just put over Henry in a huge way at Hell in a Cell. Even with the post-match beatdown by Orton, Henry looked like a legitimate monster and Orton deserves a lot of that credit.

    Whether you agree with Henry winning or not, you know you'll always remember the Henry/Orton bout as Orton's second consecutive clean pay-per-view loss.

    That's definitely a rarity.

1. The Miz and R-Truth Cause Chaos After the Main Event

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    The Miz and R-Truth had already interrupted the beginning of the pay-per-view and beat the holy hell out of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, but that wasn't enough.

    Following the WWE Championship match, Truth and Miz (both wearing disguises) hit the ring and put a world-class beatdown on John Cena, CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio while they were trapped inside the cell. Chaos soon followed as the entire WWE locker room attempted to break into the cell to no avail.

    It took bolt cutters to get the job done, and this led to The Miz and Truth being arrested, getting attacked by Triple H and being taken out of the building.

    My description does this no justice, however.

    It was absolutely crazy what went down at Hell in a Cell, and it's only the beginning. Things should get even more interesting as we move forward, and both chaos and confusion will likely become the norm in the WWE.