WWE Hell in a Cell 2011: 3 Possible Endings to Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistOctober 2, 2011

After 15 years of toiling in the mid card, Mark Henry finally captured the big one when he beat Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions. Henry has seen a seismic shift in his character over the past couple months and is now a legitimate threat.

Nobody has been able to stop Randy Orton over the past year, so Henry's clean win over him came as a bit of a surprise. Orton will receive his rematch at Hell in a Cell on Sunday and attempt to regain his monopoly on the title.

Here are three ways in which Henry and Orton's Hell in a Cell match could possibly play out.


Orton Wins With Help From Kane and/or Big Show

While I am expecting Henry to retain the title, one interesting scenario in which Orton could win is if either Kane, Big Show, or a combination of them interfere on Orton's behalf. Both Kane and Big Show were "injured" by Henry when he crushed their legs with a steel chair.

There hasn't been any indication as to when Kane or Big Show will return, but Hell in a Cell would make plenty of sense. Henry threw Big Show through a cage wall a few months ago, so Big Show may want to get revenge in a similar manner.

Also, Kane is no stranger to breaking into the cell as his debut in the WWE involved breaking down a cell door and attacking The Undertaker. I wouldn't label this scenario as likely, but it's certainly possible since both Kane and Big Show have vendettas against Henry.


Henry/Orton Wins Clean

Henry was allowed to beat Orton cleanly at Night of Champions, so it stands to reason that it could happen again. Also, Orton could certainly score a clean win, and I would view that as the most likely scenario should Orton pick up the victory.

One of the main reasons why Henry has been built up so effectively is that he hasn't been made to look like the typical cowardly heel. He has done all of his dirty work on his own and seems like he is unstoppable.

Orton has beaten anyone and everyone cleanly over the past year, so it wouldn't be shocking if he beat Henry in that manner, although I don't believe Henry will get a two-week title reign. Despite the fact that Hell in a Cell matches are meant to stop interference, they often fail in that regard. Still, a clean finish is very possible.

Henry Wins With Help From John Laurinaitis

I have theorized that John Laurinaitis is attempting to begin a heel stable in complete control of every WWE title, so I can certainly see him interfering on Henry's behalf. Henry has been offered handshakes by many over the past couple weeks and he has declined all of them except Laurinaitis'.

Henry has also often talked about how the WWE brass has never believed in him. This could lead to him joining Laurinaitis and other such as The Miz and R-Truth in an attempt to destroy COO Triple H and his conspiracies against them.

Laurinaitis would likely enlist Miz, Truth and perhaps other to break into the cell and take out Orton. This would be a precursor to the climax of this heel group taking out John Cena and CM Punk in the WWE Championship match and allowing Alberto Del Rio to win and join the stable.