UFC Live Cruz vs. Johnson Results: The 10 Most Memorable Moments from D.C.

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2011

UFC Live Cruz vs. Johnson Results: The 10 Most Memorable Moments from D.C.

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    Dominick Cruz defended his bantamweight title at UFC Live 6 against Demetrious Johnson in a fight that would bring attention to the smallest weight class in the UFC.

    The two fought to an awesome finish and ended up going to the judges' scorecards for a unanimous decision victory in favor of Cruz.

    Along with this fight, there were many other memorable moments in a night marred by referee stoppages.

    I can't believe I'm going to say this, but something was actually worse than the judge's decisions for a change.

    Stefan Struve vs. Pat Barry, Anthony Johnson vs. Charlie Brenneman and Matt Wiman vs. Mac Danzig headlined the card from the United States capital.

    Which are the most memorable moments from UFC Live 6?


Watson vs. Sandoval Stopped Too Early?

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    The night began with the first big height differential matchup.

    Walel Watson (5 feet 11 inches and 135 pounds) faced off against Joseph Sandoval.

    Watson began peppering away at Sandoval and eventually referee Mario Yamasaki came in and stopped the fight possibly just a tad bit early.

    This started a trend of bad stoppages on the night. Most of which involved some form of Yamasaki. Seriously, Mario has a brother, Fernando. Who knew?

Wisniewski Bleeds Like a Broken Faucet

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    Josh Neer and Keith Wisniewski utilized standing elbows very well.

    So well, in fact, that Wisniewski bled out of his cut like he was auditioning for a new horror movie.

    When Neer went in to choke out Wisniewski, blood began pouring out even more because of all the pressure. That prompted UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan, to shout out "He's bleeding like a broken faucet!"

Yet Another Early Stop with TJ Grant vs. Shane Roller Armbar Finish

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    Here is the big question: Did Shane Roller verbally tap out last night when T.J. Grant got him in an armbar?

    Roller's face after the fight was stopped was priceless and shows you how angry Roller was that the fight was stopped.

    Roller has kept by his statement so far that he didn't tap out. Unfortunately for Roller, the ref didn't think the same way and ended the fight early.

Yves Edwards Fight Goes a Little Too Long

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    We will keep the trend going here with another bad stoppage in a night marred by referees.

    Yves Edwards was pounding away at Rafaello Oliveira's face for what seemed like ages. At one point referee Mario Yamasaki clapped his hands together and said "Work!"

    I don't know if anybody else saw this, but Mario, Oliveira wasn't defending those punches from the get go. What makes you think he was going to start defending them after the 29th punch?

Matt Wiman vs. Mac Danzig

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    The first fight on the main card produced an awesome rematch between Matt Wiman and Mac Danzig.

    This fight eventually earned "Fight of the Night" honors and helped the fighters pocket an extra $65,000.

    Both fighters put in an excellent performance in a narrow unanimous decision victory for Wiman.

    Wouldn't mind a Wiman/Danzig III.

Anthony Johnson Scores Headkick Knockout Victory over Charlie Brenneman

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    Anthony Johnson came into this fight off of a lay-and-pray victory over Dan Hardy earlier this year.

    Charlie Brenneman was the lovable underdog.

    Johnson manhandled Brenneman in this fight, at one point pushing Brenneman's face flat into the mat.

    Eventually, Johnson threw a headkick that landed flush on Brenneman and the ref came in and stopped the fight.

    Was it yet another early stoppage? Or was it a clear knockout? You, the reader, decide.

Pat Barry's Powerbomb of Stefan Struve

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    Whether you want to acknowledge or not, this was definitely a freakshow fight between a man and his son...errr, I mean Stefan Struve and Pat Barry.

    Struve (6 feet 11 inches) had Barry (5 feet 11 inches) in a triangle choke, which Barry did not like. Barry picked up the heavier and bigger Struve and threw him right back down onto the mat in the biggest "OMG" moment of the night.

    I mean, REALLY, did anybody see that coming!?

Stefan Struve vs. Pat Barry

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    Like the last slide, Barry and Struve put on a good show in a fight everybody wanted to see happen.

    Would Struve lose a fight he should definitely win again? Would Barry be able to kick Struve above his kneecap? Would Struve pick up Barry and put him outside the cage for an easy win?

    The ending in the first round had Barry throw a flying knee that seemed to have him float in midair for minutes and almost landed him outside of the cage.

    Then in the second round, Struve got Barry in a nice triangle choke and ended the fight.

Dominick Cruz vs. Demetrious Johnson

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    The first televised title fight since UFC 75, and it gave everything it possibly could.

    A pretty awesome fight that was so high paced that if you watched this fight on a live stream, it probably made your stream freeze because of all the movement.

    Cruz wasn't even really on his A game because of a broken hand, and his speed and foot movement didn't seem to be at a level he is used to.

    Johnson gave Cruz a run for his money and eventually fell short in his bid to steal the bantamweight title.

Dominick Cruz Once Again Gets the Belt Around His Waist

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    Dominick Cruz must be in love the word "still," as for the second time in his UFC career his title defense went to the judges' scorecard.

    Cruz earned a unanimous decision victory a Demetrious Johnson and won his fourth consecutive title defense and 10th straight win overall.