PBA 2011-2012: New Logo, New Schedule - Thank God!

Mike Zacchio@@Zacchio_LoHudContributor IOctober 2, 2011

Can ya feel that buddy? Huh?! Huh?! Huh?!
Can ya feel that buddy? Huh?! Huh?! Huh?!Craig Hacker/Getty Images

It's more about the new schedule, rather than the new logo, but either way, I'm excited for the PBA season to get rolling in a month.

With Lumber Liquidators' contract up, this season will feature a new logo, as mentioned, along with 18 telecasts, three more than last year. As if more telecasts don't make fans happy as is, this season will not feature lollipop "tournaments" like the Chris Paul Celebrity tournament.

Some PBA fans will argue that it gets the word of bowling out there to more popular outlets like the NBA (Paul, LeBron) and the rap community (Ludacris), but I say it just makes a mockery of the sport. I'm all for professionals of other sports bowling, but can we at least find some guys that actually know what the hell they are doing?

Chris Paul is one of the league's top point guards and he still finds the time to average 180 on the lanes. Former pitcher, Tom Candiotti is an avid bowler with a perfect game under his belt and I hear Jerome Bettis is also a big bowler, among others.

I understand that professionals are swamped with their own seasons, but that's why I say to just do away with the tournament. I hate seeing LeBron's stupid powder toss on the court, let alone have to see it on the lanes. Either find a guy who can make it something worth watching or just get rid of it. I don't know if this year is a onetime deal or if it is done with for good, but either way I'm glad it's gone at least for this year.

Some PBA fans think that the plastic ball tournament they have each year is also a joke. There is no tournament listed this year, but I personally loved the tournament. It was nice to see the pros show their versatility and show who really are the most talented players out there and who's just a product of new technology.

It made of some of the old folks who remember how bowling "used to be" shut up in terms of saying that the game is ruined, which for the most part it is. It also showed some of the younger viewers that you don't need a chalk-covered ball with C-4 in the core to strike.

It's one thing when a pro is forced to use plastic because his resin ball is overreacting, but it also makes things more enticing when everyone is using the same ball for an entire tournament.

A big reason why I don't think bowling is taken all that seriously is because the PBA itself is so desperate that they pretty much don't even take themselves seriously. It's obvious that the league has been hurting, evidenced by their last two sponsors, Lumber Liquidators and Denny's.

Back in the day you had tournaments backed by some of the most popular brands in the world, now you have Bayer aspirin, One-A-Day Men's and Go RVing in the mix. Thankfully there are some heavy hitters out there like Pepsi that can appeal to the youth.

I really think that the PBA is starting to pick things up in terms of a fan base, although it will never be what it was in the 1960s.

I'm going to post another article/slideshow momentarily I hope you'll all read and enjoy.

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