Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is the Best in the World

ZedContributor INovember 29, 2008

After scoring his 100th goal, I point out reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world:


1. Creativity

There are lots of players who have a creative side to them but Ronaldo is a player who can create from scratch. His passing ability is sublime along with his vision is one of the factors that won United the season. It seems like he has a third eye and the only other player who as good as Ronaldo in terms of creativity is Barcelona’s Leo Messi.

2. Dynamism

His speed causes problems for defenders and his speed off the ball is just amazing. Ronaldo's goal in the CL final last year, when he made a brilliant run in to the box and headed powerfully past Cech. Ronaldo’s explosiveness and direct running from wide positions is key for United, but when he plays as a forward he is not as affective. He can destroy teams on the counter in a blink of an eye.

3. Shooting

His finishing is great, his ability to shoot from just about anywhere is even greater. Scoring 42 goals last season shows you he is the deadly force in the world of football and can stun keepers easily. From superb free kicks to magical backheeling, Ronaldo has all the ingredients to succeed.

4. Heading

Being able to head the ball is what can win matches and Ronaldo can. He scored eight goals with his head last season, and for a flair player that is very rare. He is 6′2″ which is the perfect height to win the ball in the air.

5. Age and Success

Ronaldo is just 23-years-old, which is a really important factor. At such a young age to be branded "the best player in the world" is an achievement in itself but to actually win the award is bigger. Success such as winning the Premier League twice, the Champions League, European finalist, and Portugal vice-captain to name but a few.

6. Teamwork

He has improved his teamwork vastly since he first arrived at Old Trafford and creates a formidable partnership with Wayne Rooney. Some people will say that the Portuguese star is too selfish but he can actually work with anyone. He created nine assists last season which shows he is a team player.

7. Improvisation

His improvisation is one of the magical things about him. Remember the backheel he scored against Aston Villa last season? Or the free kick against Portsmouth? His tricks with the ball are just amazing to watch how he can easily confuse a defender.

8. Mentality

The lad has a lot of confidence and self belief which is important to every footballer on the planet. Cesc Fabregas says "Football is nearly 80 percent in your mind. You can have the talent but if you don’t have the head you will go nowhere." Exactly.

And that’s why, folks, I think Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world.



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