WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Predictions: A Preview of Outcomes

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IISeptember 29, 2011

WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Predictions: A Preview of Outcomes

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    Only two weeks have passed since Night of Champions.  In those two weeks more questions have surfaced and left fans confused.  I cannot guarantee we will get all of our questions answered at Hell in a Cell either.

    The good news is that we should get some finality on a few longstanding rivalries that have been going on for months.

    This Pay-Per-View SHOULD end old feuds and begin new ones.  The Summer of 2011 has been filled with repeat matches and questionable title reigns.  Hell in a Cell should provide us with a clear picture of what direction the WWE will be going in the future.

    I present to you my predictions on what I truly believe will happen this Sunday.  Enjoy.

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Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara

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    Am I the only one not interested in this "feud" at all?  Aside from some amazing leaps and move sets, this rivalry just seems like a bore. 

    The WWE continues to build Sin Cara, and I am still having trouble understanding why.  Will Sin Cara be marketed as the next Rey Mysterio?  Will he be able to sell merchandise in the future?  What is his purpose?

    This feud is a let down to me.  We've seen clones face off a few times in WWE history, and I cannot remember a time where it satisfied anyone completely. 

    So far this rivalry is based on an imposter Sin Cara turning heel and confusing fans.  Is the original Sin Cara so over that this change is causing tremors amongst WWE fans? 

    All I see is a failed drug test, botched moves and a lot of scrambling from the WWE to make good on Sin Cara after all his hype.

    Winner:  Sin Cara (The Good One)

    Look for this to be an attempt to win the fans over with a lot of fast pace action and high risk maneuvers.  There will be botches and accidents, but in the end good will triumph over evil.  Hopefully the bad one leaves and we can all move on.

Sheamus vs. Christian

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    I have to imagine this is an unofficial number one contender match for the World Heavyweight Championship.  This was an obvious feud on the horizon, but will it end at Hell in a Cell?

    Sheamus is being pushed as a monster face right now.  His popularity is skyrocketing and will continue to do so. 

    Christian, not so much.  His antics and constant whining for "one more match" have made him into a weak heel in my opinion. 

    Winner:  Sheamus

    The WWE is trying to capitalize on the fact that Christian was a multiple time champion this year.  Look for Sheamus to win cleanly as they build him up for a World Heavyweight Championship run in the future.

    Christian's stock is dropping, and I would not be surprised to see him fall right into the mid card as soon as this feud ends.

Unofficial Match: Air Boom vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

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    This match has not been officially announced.  In fact it may not ever be announced.  However, these are my predictions and I am only going off the evidence given to me over the last week.

    On the last edition of "Raw" we saw Air Boom and Zack Ryder defeat Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger (with some help from Mason Ryan).  On Smackdown this week (Spoiler) we will see Jack Swagger defeat Evan Bourne via submission.

    Does this evidence guarantee a Tag Team Championship match?  No.  I just would not be surprised to see it thrown onto the card Saturday morning.

    Honestly, having this match would not be a bad idea.  Air Boom could use fresh opponents, and Swagger and Ziggler are starting to feel like a legitimate team.  Perhaps Vicki Guerro's posse will be at the center of a new conspiracy stable.  Time will tell.

    Winner:  Air Boom

    The WWE needs to continue to sell Air Boom as the real deal, and another loss will cause Ziggler and Swagger to be even more convinced of a conspiracy.  If the match happens it would be a sleeper for the night.

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

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    There is no match I dislike more than this one on Hell in a Cell's card.  If I could change anything about the WWE right now it would be the laziness of the writers constantly recycling matches.

    Honestly, what good can come of this? 

    If Kelly Kelly wins she will have beaten Beth Phoenix three times in a row for the title.  Great.  You've proven you can beat one diva in the entire division.  How about you try facing another contender?

    If Beth Phoenix wins, it will seem hollow.  Despite usually dominating Kelly Kelly, Beth always loses in the end.  Even with a victory here, it took you three times to beat the same person. 

    I may not think Kelly Kelly is as great of a champion as Creative does, but the least you could so is have her fight someone new at this PPV.  These repetitive matches add nothing to this very one sided feud.

    As any division in the WWE, if you want the Diva's division to become credible then you need more than two legitimate contenders for the belt.  Beth Phoenix lost twice.  Move on and build up another contender.

    Winner:  Kelly Kelly

    Beth Phoenix will receive the same amount of "L's" that are in Kelly Kelly's name when this feud finally ends.

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

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    Mark Henry is being built as the most powerful wrestler in the WWE today.  Henry has looked very impressive in recent months.  Still, will Randy Orton lose two times in a row on Pay-Per-View?

    This match is very difficult to pick a winner.  Most of us saw Henry defeating Orton at Night of Champions.  The problem is this PPV is only two weeks later.  A short title run could be risky booking.

    Everyone seems to think there will be interference from Kane or the Big Show that will cost Mark Henry the title.  I am not so sure I believe this.  Even if they cost Henry the title, then what?  Does Mark Henry leave the World Heavyweight Championship scene to feud with people he's destroyed already?

    Randy Orton is a talented man, but he is going to get his own wing in the "Hall of Pain" this Sunday.

    Winner:  Mark Henry

    It's hard to bet against Orton, but I am willing to roll the dice.  Henry is too dominant to lose now.  Besides, Sheamus is being built up and I look for the WWE to push Sheamus and Henry as the next big feud.

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

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    On Sunday we will see the first ever triple threat match take place inside Hell in a Cell.  The highly anticipated match will be for the WWE Championship.  John Cena, the champion, faces off against Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk.

    You can make a strong case for all three men to win this match. Although I do not think Marketing has hyped this match enough, the star power alone has made this a must see.

    The outcome of this match will tell me the direction the company plans on going through the holiday run.

    Winner:  CM Punk

    Punk makes the most sense.  Cena can lose the match without getting pinned, therefore he maintains his track record.  However, he will cry foul and invoke his rematch clause. CM Punk will then face Cena for the WWE title at Vengeance.  Punk will finally defeat Cena cleanly and then John will move on to his storyline with the Rock at Survivor Series.

    Punk can then start a long title run where he will most likely clash with Del Rio down the road.