WWE: Why It Would Have Been a Better Storyline for CM Punk to Beat Triple H

Daniel MasseySenior Analyst IIISeptember 28, 2011

CM Punk and Triple H faced each other in a No Disqualification match at Night of Champions 2011 with the stipulation that if Triple H lost, he would resign as COO of the company.

As you’ve probably seen by now, Triple H is still in a job and CM Punk has had his pride dented.

The Game gaining the win over the Straight Edge Superstar resulted in the storyline falling apart somewhat and CM Punk has now been shoved in Hell in a Cell with two other guys that he shouldn’t even be wrestling, John Cena and Alberto Del Rio.

It would have been better for the storylines, and the WWE in general, had CM Punk picked up the victory.

Firstly, we would need a new COO. Many are intrigued and confused by the current “conspiracy” that is seemingly in progress in WWE.

I, for one, thought John Laurinaitis was attempting to push Triple H out of the COO job so he could ultimately take over the company as a new Mr. McMahon figure.  If CM Punk had won at Night of Champions, the storyline could have developed into the humiliation of The Game as he stepped down, allowing John Laurinaitis to take the role of COO.

Once the WWE was in this position, the storyline could branch in any way they wanted it to. John Laurinaitis could have embarked on a tyrannical reign, changing the face of the WWE, controlling championships, superstars and running it like a dictator.

As it is, Triple H has kept his job and John Laurinaitis is waiting in the wings, making the occasional appearance, confusing the audience even more. Now admittedly, I do rush to criticize WWE, instead of looking at the bigger picture sometimes and it could be that John Laurinaitis is being built up to take over at a later date and they are exposing him more and more to get him over as a heel with fans.


Nevertheless, Hell in a Cell was two weeks away immediately following Night of Champions and a quick build up is needed if you want people to buy the pay-per-view.

The slow build is OK when one has four to five weeks to establish storylines, but I think the quick storyline here could have led to a Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and CM Punk or something along those lines; which brings me to my next point.  

Had CM Punk beaten Triple H, we would be looking at a better main event for Hell in a Cell. CM Punk was guaranteed a rematch for the WWE title anyway, so I don’t see why it is being wasted on a PPV that is not only going to suffer from a low buy-rate and in a structure that has lost all appeal to the older generation.

I would have saved Punk’s title shot for the revival of WWE Vengeance or even the Survivor Series. Had he won, the main event at Hell in a Cell could have gone several ways.

Triple H is a veteran of the 20 foot structure, so Punk facing him in there would actually make me interested in the PPV. If one considered Punk vs. Triple H twice in two weeks was overkill then they could always involve Kevin Nash, John Laurinaitis or even Vince McMahon.

This, of course, is all dependent on who would have been made COO of the WWE after Triple H’s loss. Punk vs. Cena in Hell in a Cell would have been a better main event for me because the two have history, and to see Punk beat Cena clean would be a mark out moment for me.


My final point about how things would be better of CM Punk had won his match against the Cerebral Assassin regards the “conspiracy” storyline. It was revealed on the Raw following Night of Champions that punk had realized Triple H wasn’t in on the conspiracy and therefore no longer had beef with him about that.

Had CM Punk been victorious, Triple H would have been fired and CM Punk would not have had this revelation. I would have liked to see the slow burn on this one as Punk and other superstars realized the mistake they made in getting Triple H fired.

This could result in disarray in the WWE, keeping it exciting as it has been for the latter half of this year. Triple H could make a return after a few months away; when the WWE is seemingly on its last legs.

This would be thinking ahead for the later part of the year and going into 2012 and WrestleMania XXVIII. However, Triple H was victorious and we must now watch tentatively to see how the WWE handles the storylines they have set themselves up for.

Many would argue they are looking at a lack of direction and flagging interest, and I would say it is down to this singular result at Night of Champions.

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