UFC on Fox: 3 Big Things the Casual Fan Needs to Know

Adam OsterkampContributor IIISeptember 29, 2011

UFC on Fox: 3 Big Things the Casual Fan Needs to Know

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    When the UFC first airs on Fox, there are going to be many fans who haven’t seen the sport much since its inception 18 years ago. For others, it will be their first time ever seeing the sport.

    While there will be many people tuning in just to see two heavyweights beat each other senseless, there are going to be many viewers watching to see if Mixed Martial Arts is a sport they can get into.

    Many of us started out by watching MMA as casual fans. It was a reason to get together with some friends, eat some pizza and drink some beer. But while we watched it, we learned about the sport, and ended up falling in love.

    Here are three big things that every casual MMA viewer needs to know to further enjoy the sport.

It’s MMA, Not UFC or Ultimate Fighting

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    The UFC is a fight organization. The sport itself is referred to as Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, not as UFC or Ultimate Fighting.

    If you want to discuss the sport with any serious fan, referring to it as “UFC” isn’t going to get you a lot of love.

    While people will know what you’re talking about, they may not respect what you have to say.

MMA Is Not a Blood Sport

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    While seeing a great knockout is always exciting, it is not the reason to watch the sport. If that’s your reasoning, you’ll get bored with MMA quickly.

    The fighters in the octagon are incredible athletes who train extremely hard to be the best fighters they can be. Wrestling and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu are big parts of the sport.

    The ultimate goal of most everyone in the sport is to win with themselves and their opponent coming out relatively healthy.

    It’s fighting; people are going to get hurt, but if you’re simply watching in the hopes that someone gets hurt, you’re going to be disappointed.

Learning the Ground Game Will Help You Enjoy the Sport

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    A huge part of MMA is the ground game. Royce Gracie was the first man to show MMA fans what someone who was extremely skilled in the art of grappling and BJJ could do in a fight.

    When two fighters go to the mat, they’re usually working incredibly hard. It’s true that there are those times when fighters should be stood up.

    More often than not, though, fighters are working hard for dominant positions or submissions. Trust me, the more you learn about what’s happening on the ground, the more you’ll love this sport.

    Once you learn even a little bit, you’ll be able to see how incredibly gifted some of these athletes truly are.