10 Best Man Crushes in Sports

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10 Best Man Crushes in Sports

Ask a guy who his man crush is (I asked many for this slide show), and few will admit they have one.  Or he might try to cover and say, “I don’t have a man crush, but if I did, it would be on…”

Every man has crossed the line from sports fan, to sports man crush at least once.  The man crush is an unspoken, yet intimate, relationship between a male and his sports hero. The further the star athlete’s talent surpasses the regular male’s own ability, the deeper the extent of the man crush. 

Nothing sexual, the man crush is more a form of devoted admiration, leading to fantasies of actually being friends and hanging out at a BBQ together.

Even the superstars have crushes of their own.  Whether it be a pair of star-crossed NFL roommates, or the rapper who waits outside Derek Jeter’s dressing room—the man crush is alive and well.

Here is a list of the 10 best man crushes in sports.

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