Michael Vick: Should the Philadelphia Eagles Curb His Snaps Before the Playoffs?

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2011

The Eagles should sit Michael Vick down this week against San Fran
The Eagles should sit Michael Vick down this week against San FranRob Carr/Getty Images

The Eagles should sit Michael Vick this week regardless of how healthy he is. That is not because Vick is playing poorly, but it is because of the belief that the Eagles can beat the 49ers with Vince Young or Mike Kafka. 

In three games, Michael Vick has suffered two injuries, a concussion and a badly bruised right hand. Clearly, he could use some time to get healthy. If the Eagles are going to make the playoffs and be successful this season, they need a healthy Michael Vick.

That is why the Eagles should curb Vick's snaps before the playoffs. When they have an opportunity to play a game where he is banged up, like this Sunday, they should take the chance to play Vince Young. I would make Vick the No. 2 quarterback, not the No. 3. That way, if Young struggles, they would have the option of bringing Vick in off the bench to lead the team back from behind.

The reality is San Francisco, despite their 2-1 record, is not a very good football team. The Eagles have far more talent and should easily win on Sunday, regardless of which of the three quarterbacks plays. 

The way Michael Vick played last week was not the way he normally plays.  He can say he felt fine all he wanted, but all evidence points to the contrary. That was not Michael Vick on Sunday.  That was a quarterback playing hurt, not willing to run, and worried about protecting his head. That Michael Vick is not going to lead the Eagles anywhere.

So sit him a week, let him try to heal up, and get ready for the Bills. By doing that, by getting him healthy, his play will elevate and the Eagles will be better off in the long term.  If he keeps playing with injuries, like he did last week and like he will do again on Sunday, his health will deteriorate. If it's not his head or hand, it will be something else. 

Football is a tough game and playing in the NFL is hard. Playing in the NFL when you are not 100 percent is even harder, which is why it's important to get Vick healthy. The Eagles have a chance to do that this week against a weaker opponent. They can sit him down for a week, let him heal up, and get ready for a showdown in Buffalo, a game the Eagles will really need to win if they want to make the playoffs.

The point is not to curb his snaps for no reason; the point is to get him 100 percent healthy. Vick playing hurt does not work, as we saw last week against the Giants. He loses his mobility, which is what makes him a great quarterback. 

The Eagles need a healthy Michael Vick to get where they need to go this season. Sitting him down for one week to heal up just makes sense and this is the perfect week to do it.