WWE Raw Recap: Mason Ryan's Face Turn and What It Means

Nathan GieseSenior Analyst IISeptember 27, 2011

After seeing this for so long, it's a little weird seeing him have a happy smile.
After seeing this for so long, it's a little weird seeing him have a happy smile.

Last night on Raw, Mason Ryan made his return to regular television appearing as the mystery member of Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger's team to take on AirBoom and Zack Ryder.

Despite being recruited by Vickie Guerrero, Ryan didn't think that was too relevant to him.  The first time he was tagged into the match, Ryan entered the ring looking like he was about to go on a rampage. 

And he did just that...

..on Swagger and Ziggler. 

He ripped apart the United States champion and his new stable mate, infuriating Vickie in the process. 

He did it all with a huge grin on his face.

To start, Ryan's return to Raw was a bit of a shock to some of us, myself especially, as he hasn't been around for quite some time now.  Actually, he hasn't been around since May and rumors had been swirling around that he was going to become the body guard to Alberto Del Rio or possibly Christian.

Now with his face turned, what's next for the big, massive brute for Wales? 

Making him a face gives him a wide range of possibilities. 

He could still become a body guard, but more in a supportive way than in a destructive way.  He could also become somebody's tag team partner to spice things up.  He could even join the 'conspiracy theory' going around the WWE locker room now that potential action could be taken upon the COO Triple H, led by none other than David Otunga. 

There are so many possibilities on where to go from here with Ryan. My thought is that he will become a member of the Broskis and become Zack Ryder's new best friend and tag partner. 

It seems like it is the most logical way to go about this because there isn't much else for him to do right now. 

He's not going to challenge for either the WWE title or United States championship anytime soon.  Since Ryan was written as a force to be reckoned with before he took a leave and Ryder has gotten a boat-load of TV time lately, teaming these guys up could make for a very awesome, very fun tag team who could challenge for the titles in the very near future.

It's very early to tell exactly where Mason Ryan is headed, especially now that he's a happy-go-lucky gentle giant face, but it could be very interesting and a little funny to watch. 

We should all stay tuned.