UFC on Versus 6: Dominick Cruz vs. Demetrious Johnson, Head-to-Toe Breakdown

Adam OsterkampContributor IIISeptember 27, 2011

UFC on Versus 6: Dominick Cruz vs. Demetrious Johnson, Head-to-Toe Breakdown

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    UFC on Versus 6: Dominick Cruz vs. Demetrious Johnson is going to be an epic battle that no fight fan should miss. These two bantamweights both have incredible skill and always put on a fast-paced, exciting fight.

    Who has the better striking? Who has the better wrestling? Will one fighter be able to gas the other? And most importantly, who is going to walk away with the belt?

    If you have yet to see a bantamweight fight, this is the one to watch. Read on to see how the fight breaks down.

Striking: Advantage Johnson

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    While both of these bantamweights are great strikers, Johnson is much more accurate with his. Johnson has landed an impressive 51 percent of his strikes while Cruz has only landed 29 percent.

    However, Cruz has avoided an impressive 78 percent of everything that’s been thrown at him.

    Cruz would be smart to take Johnson into the championship rounds and let him punch himself out.

Wrestling: Advantage Cruz

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    Johnson is no slouch on the mat, that’s for sure, but his skills haven’t been tested the way Cruz’s have.

    If and when this fight goes to the mat, expect Cruz to be in control. Cruz has to watch out for submissions however, as Johnson has put away nearly half of his fights that way.

Takedown Defense: Advantage Cruz

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    Cruz has incredible takedown defense. In his 10 fights with the UFC and WEC, Cruz has stopped a staggering 83 percent of takedown attempts.

    Johnson on the other hand has only stopped 46 percent.

    If Cruz feels threatened by Johnson's striking at any point during the fight, he’ll be able to take this fight to the ground.

Gas Tank: Advantage Cruz

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    Johnson has never been into the championship rounds, although several of his fights have gone to decision.

    If this fight goes the distance, which it very well may, Cruz has a big advantage in knowing that he can go all five rounds.

    Cruz would be smart to get this fight past the third round and look to wear Johnson down in the last two.

Winner: Dominick Cruz

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    Both of these fighters have only ever been finished once in their careers. They know what to do in the cage, and more importantly, they know what to watch out for.

    Expect this to be an insanely paced fight that will go all five rounds.

    In the end, Cruz’s experience and expertise will prove too much for Johnson and he’ll walk away with his belt around his waist.