UFC 135 Results: Jon Jones Is Ready for Long Run as Champ

Richard LangfordCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2011

Jon Jones proved that he wasn't invincible against Quinton Jackson at UFC 135. He showed some flaws, as he was unable to get into the same dominant rhythm that he was against Ryan Bader and Shogun Rua.

However, as Rampage showed the world that Jones was not invincible, Jones became even more unbeatable in my eyes. I know. It doesn't really make sense to me either, but it happened.

Jones faced a well-conditioned and supremely motivated Jackson in this fight. Jackson was in the kind of form that once made him a champ.

He gave Jones everything he could handle, and Jones handled it. 

This was an important progression in Jones's career. Some fighters, even dominant ones, simply aren't able to recover when another talented fighter knocks them off their game or rhythm.

Jones weathered the storm, stayed the course and ultimately scored a convincing win. This is a key and underrated quality for any fighter.

It is that ability to stay confident and calm and still attack like a surgeon—even when an opponent knocks them off of their game plan—that few fighters possess.

It is this quality that is going to lead to Jones's continued success and domination. There is not another light heavyweight around that can combat Jones.

Jones is a complete fighter.

He can outbox, out-clinch and out-wrestle almost every fighter alive—and the few that can match or beat him in one area, will not be his equal in the other two.