UFC 135 Results: 5 Things It Will Take to Beat Jon Jones

Jeffrey McKinneyContributor IIISeptember 26, 2011

UFC 135 Results: 5 Things It Will Take to Beat Jon Jones

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    Saturday night at UFC 135, Jon Jones once again showed his dominance when he defeated Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

    Jones picked Jackson apart the entire fight until finally submitting him by rear-naked choke in the fourth round.

    At age 24, Jones has dominated every fighter he has faced in the UFC, become the youngest UFC champion in history and overall lived up to the hype.

    Anyone can lose in MMA. But when a fighter comes along like Jones has, it almost looks impossible, as his only loss was due to a disqualification vs. Matt Hamill for illegal downward elbows.

    Can Jones really be stopped? Here are some things a fighter must possess in order to defeat him.

Great Takedown Defense/Grappling

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    One of the good things that Jackson could take from the fight is knowing his takedown defense was the best Jones has seen inside the octagon.

    Although the fight still ended on the mat, Jackson was able to stuff more takedowns than anyone else ever has.

    Jones has faced many wrestlers in the UFC and has made everyone look like they were novice. 

    If a fighter is going to defeat Jones, he will have to eliminate one of the things Jones is best at. 


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    One thing that Jones has not seen yet is a fighter that could match his speed.

    Jones may appear to be slow and methodical one moment, then comes out of nowhere with a spinning elbow the next.

    Someone who is just as fast, if not faster could give Jones problems.  

    Mauricio "Shogun" Rua was suppose to be the person who's speed would affect Jones, but Rashad Evans is looking more and more like the man for the job.

Someone who can get in Jones face

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    Jon Jones has one of the longest reaches in UFC history.

    Because of this, Jones is able to utilize distance and pick his opponents apart.

    We have never seen a fighter take push Jones up against the cage and really put the pressure on him.

    Randy Couture was one of the best fighters to do this.

    Someone with enough strength and power to hold Jones there could break his will.  


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    Let’s face it, Jones vs. Jackson was a more competitive version of Couture vs. Toney.

    Jackson is known for his boxing and takedown defense and never goes away from it.

    Jones on the other is dangerous in both the stand up game and submissions.

    If someone is going to stop Jones they will have to be good on their feet, on the ground, and have great defense. 

    Lyoto Machida is known for his elusive striking and defensive. 


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    One of the things that make's Jones such a special fighter is his unpredictability. 

    Jones can attack you and beat you so many different ways, that it's hard to really game plan for him. 

    Another fighter like this is Anderson Silva

    Silva's precise striking, speed, crazy defense and good jiu jitsu makes him dangerous in almost every aspect of the game. 

    In order to beat Jones a fighter must be able to weather the storm and be unpredictable instead of just relying on one thing like Jackson did. 


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    Although Jon Jones has looked unstoppable in the UFC, anyone can be defeated in MMA.

    Rashad Evans will have his chance at Jones next. 

    Evans has the speed and wrestling abilities to give Jones problems. He also has trained with Jones in the past. 

    Until someone makes him struggle, Jones will continue to look like the most dominant fighter in the light heavyweight division.