WWE: Top 25 Table Moments in WWE History

Rob Manisero@robmaniCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2011

WWE: Top 25 Table Moments in WWE History

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    Over the years, the use of weapons has become more and more frequent in wrestling, especially during the Attitude Era and the years that followed. One of the more common ways to destroy your opponent was either by taking apart the announce table or pulling out your own piece of hardware from under the ring. Even today, watching someone go through a table can get some crazy crowd reactions.

    Over the years, there have been a whole lot of collisions involving tables, which makes this quite the list to compile. I originally wanted to make it a top-ten list, but with so many options, I extended it to 25. Plus, who doesn't like some extra carnage?

    Now sit back, relax and enjoy the mayhem ahead as I give you my top 25 table moments in WWE history.

25. Sabu Destroys Rey

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    The WWE tried to give us a little taste of ECW when they created the PPV "One Night Stand," which featured some of the originals.

    In this World Heavyweight Championship match, Sabu knew he would have to use the methods that brought him to success in the past. Therefore, he DDT'd Rey through a table on the outside.

    Unfortunately, that's how the match ended, since the WWE took the cheap way out and didn't give us a winner. The ECW crowd wasn't exactly pleased with the finish, and they made themselves heard afterwards.

24. Shane McMahon Crashes Through Announce Table

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    Whenever Shane McMahon is involved in a match, you know there will be some high risk spots involved so it's only fair that he be included in this list.

    This match happened at WrestleMania X7, when Shane faced off with his evil father. Stephanie was able to pull Vince out of the way, leaving Shane no one to crash on but the floor. Eventually, however, Shane would prevail in the contest.

    He has done this move, and the coast-to-coast, numerous times over the years, so I just picked this clip to sum them up.

23. Angle Slam on Undertaker

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    Not enough people talk about this match, partly because it occurred at No Way Out when it could definitely have been a main event of WrestleMania.

    Most of the match was a technical masterpiece, but Angle knew he would have to land some big blows to beat the Dead Man. What better way to accomplish that than with an Angle Slam through the announce table.

    After a close to 30 minute contest, Angle went on to win and face Orton and Mysterio at WM. Taker, meanwhile, faced Mark Henry in a casket match, and Henry was nowhere near as hot as he is now.

22. Taker Sends Edge Through 2 Tables

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    One of the best feuds of 2007-2008 involved Edge and the Undertaker, and this Hell in a Cell match was the culmination of their rivalry.

    After Edge broke out all the hardware and reverted to his trusty weapons from TLC matches, Taker returned the favor by chokeslamming the Rated-R Superstar through two tables he set up earlier in the match.

    Undertaker would follow that up with a camera shot, spear, conchairto and tombstone to win the match and then literally send Edge "to hell."

21. But Edge Sends Taker Through 4

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    This spot has been duplicated many times, but to see the unstoppable Undertaker sent through four tables was pretty shocking. On top of that, Edge gained the title and "banned" the Phenom from the company.

    It was back in the days when Edge had that stunner Vickie Guerrero to help stay at the top. He also had "La Famiglia," and Taker would've won without their help.

    Eventually, Vickie would bring Taker back to fight Edge in the Hell in a Cell match mentioned in the last slide.

20. Boom Drop by Kofi

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    This was one hell of a way to get the PPV started, since this spot occurred about 15 minutes into the show. Kofi didn't win, but he provided the highlight of the contest with this crazy leap off the ladder.

    Poor Drew McIntyre. There's really no easy way to block a flying body about to sit on you and do you think Matt Striker marked out at the end? Nah, no way.

19. Batista Powerslams Cena

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    Batista and Cena were embroiled in a heated rivalry during 2010, and it culminated at Over the Limit in an I-Quit match.

    Damn, I wonder who won that one?

    Even though Super Cena prevailed, Batista dished out some serious punishment with this powerslam through the announce table. The sheer force of the slam made the exploding table look pretty damn awesome.

    I couldn't find a video of just the spot, so it occurs in this highlight segment around 2:50.

18. HBK Hits Splash on HHH

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    After more than four years away from the ring, HBK was able to come back and put on one hell of a show against his buddy Triple H at SummerSlam. The fact that Michaels was even capable of pulling off a move like this splash was a shock to everyone.

    Those kids who didn't have any idea who Shawn Michaels was learned all about him in one night. Fortunately for us, Shawn would wrestle for another eight years before hanging it up on the biggest stage of them all.

    And yes, you'll see him again on this list.

17. 3D by the Dudleys

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    I'm cheating on this slide a little bit. The Dudley Boys were the tag team that really got the use of tables going, and they used their 3D to perfection numerous times.

    Because of that, there's so many 3D's to pick from. So I lump all of them here. Don't worry, I promise I won't do it again.

    This particular clip sees the Dudleys deliver the 3D on our favorite Frenchman, Rene Dupree.

16. Shawn Michaels Suplexes Shane McMahon

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    To no one's surprise, HBK is going to have a few mentions in this slideshow. This happened on the Saturday Night Main Event before WrestleMania 22, where he would go on to face the boss, Vince McMahon.

    Vince hoped to soften up Michaels beforehand, so he brought his trusty son Shane in for some help. Unfortunately for the McMahons, the plan backfired and Shawn delivered a big time suplex.

    In reality, Michaels took just as much of the punishment as Shane did, but it still provided for a crazy table moment.

15. And Then He Demolishes Vince

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    Well, Vince McMahon decided he could definitely beat Mr. WrestleMania at the biggest event of the year.

    Judging by this clip, I don't think that worked out.

14. Triple H Hits the Spinebuster on Taker

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    Now for something more recent, like WrestleMania 27.

    Let's be honest, we definitely didn't think HHH and Taker had this type of match in them. With absolutely no wrestling between the two or in general for months beforehand, it seemed difficult to think they could put on a great show.

    They proved us wrong, and this impactful, spinebuster was one of the reasons why. The competitors completely ignored any type of actual wrestling and went right to brutalizing each other.

    And in the end, Undertaker was 19-0.

13. HBK Falls off Side of the Cell

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    In my opinion, I would consider the first Hell in a Cell match to be the best. Even though Michaels got the win, he got his ass kicked.

    At this point in the match, HBK was bleeding like a stuck pig and was just trying to get as far away from Taker as he could. After realizing going on top of the cell was a terrible idea, he tried to get back to level ground.

    That didn't work either.

    Shawn plunged a good 10 feet down to the table and helped to make the Hell in a Cell match unique and brutal.

12. Jeff Hardy Flattens CM Punk

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    Out of all the crazy things Jeff Hardy has done, this has to be one of my favorites.

    The height of that ladder is just so intimidating, and the bad blood between Hardy and Punk just exemplified the moment. No matter what kind of trouble Jeff gets himself into, there's no doubting his desire to put on the best show possible for us fans.

    Even after this, the match continued, with Punk getting the upper hand on a completely ravaged Hardy. That week on SmackDown, Jeff wrestled his final match in the WWE.

11. Matt Hardy and Bubba Ray Dudley Eat 4 Tables

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    The original TLC matches were filled with insane spot after insane spot, and this one quite possibly tops the list.

    Hardy and Bubba Ray are both within grasp of the titles when Rhyno, Edge and Christian's buddy, gets involved and tips the ladder over. Both men were completely demolished in the crash and didn't move for a good while.

    It might not be a surprise to know that Edge and Christian ended up winning the match at WrestleMania X7.

10. Rock Bottom to Triple H...and Shane McMahon

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    The odds were stacked against the Rock in this match. Fresh off being screwed by Vince at WrestleMania, the Brahma Bull was up against Trips for the title with Shane McMahon as the referee and good old Vince at ringside.

    Shane was just a tad biased, so when he hopped up on that announce table to stop the Rock from destroying HHH, he got a dose of the People's Champ—and Triple H's rear end.

    The Rock went on to be the People's Champ once again with the help of some guy named Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    Also, Vince's reaction is priceless.

9. HBK Misses Flair, Cracks His Ribs

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    Somebody most likely got fired over this.

    The table HBK crashed into was supposed to be rigged for the collision, but it never was. This makes it into my top 10 simply because of the sheer pain Michaels was in. You could immediately see something was wrong by the look on his face and the way he got caught up on the side of the table.

    Amazingly, he wrestled for another 15 minutes against Ric Flair, and didn't take any time off afterwards. It's just another highlight of the dedication Michaels has for the WWE.

8. Edge Spears Jeff Hardy Through Announce Table

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    It looks like Triple H or Hardy would deliver the crushing blow, but Edge comes out of nowhere and demolishes the announcer table. Edge also did this to Taker during their Hell in a Cell match, and it was made possible by the three separate announce teams for each PPV at the time.

    This was also the PPV that Hardy finally reached the gold after months and months of frustration. There was even that horrible storyline about getting attacked in his hotel, and the person who did it was later revealed to be his brother.

    Either way, it was a great night for Hardy and another great table moment.

7. Moonsault by HBK onto Taker

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    This was probably the most anticipated rematch in WrestleMania history, as the Undertaker's 17-0 streak at the time went up against the career of Shawn Michaels. It was clear that both men wouldn't hold anything back.

    After fighting through all of Taker's finishing moves, action spilled to the outside, where HBK connected with a superkick. Undertaker ended up prone on the announcer table, leaving Shawn to leave us with one more insane memory.

    HBK was off a bit with his flip, but it ended up looking good since he spent a good portion of the match working on the legs of the Phenom. Unfortunately for us fans, that was the last flip we'll ever see Shawn Michaels perform.

6. Sick Pedigree on Mankind

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    Back in those days, Triple H didn't let go of a person's arms when performing the Pedigree. Which meant that the person feeling the pain would go into the ground face first.

    When Mankind was pedigreed on the announcer table, he got the full brunt of force on his face and chest, which propels this clip towards the top of the list.

    Then, a few weeks later, Cactus Jack would see the same fate, except this time he got thumbtacks stuck in his face.

5. John Cena FU's Edge

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    This spot was so ridiculous that the two refs in the ring needed to hold the ladder down to make sure both men didn't fall awkwardly. Edge was the hometown favorite here, and knowing that, usually those guys don't win.

    After some big spots, both men had already gone through tables. But the two stacked on top of each other were still there, and it was just a matter of seeing who would be dealt the punishment. The unlucky winner of that contest was Edge, and he was probably picking splinters out of his ass for weeks.

    Then again, with TLC matches, I'm sure Edge almost enjoyed that pain.

4. Double Suplex on Chris Benoit

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    At this point, Shawn Michaels and Triple H were hated rivals that battled each other multiple times. That fact makes this clip that much better.

    HBK and HHH looked at each other as if to say, "let's get rid of this chump and battle it out one on one." And then they proceed to demolish the announce table with Chris Benoit's body.

    No one thought Chris had any chance of getting back into the match, but amazingly, he was able to win it with the Crippler Crossface. Then he and Guerrero celebrated to end the show in a memorable WrestleMania moment.

    Unfortunately, we will never see that clip again on WWE television. May they both R.I.P.

3. Swanton Bomb Misses the Mark

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    The original TLC match.

    There are so many Jeff Hardy Swanton Bombs that can be chosen from, but the one from the original TLC match would have to be considered the best. 

    The six men in this match revolutionized the business in a great way, and no one helped out more than Jeff Hardy. While his flip onto CM Punk from earlier in the slideshow was great, there really is none better than the original. To not put this near the top would be a travesty considering the impact the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match has had on this business.

    Oh and yeah, he missed.

2. Edge, Foley, and Fire

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    It's really no surprise that Mick Foley appears more than once on this list, and this WrestleMania moment was absolutely ridiculous. 

    Sure, fire tables have been used before in pro wrestling, but straight WWE fans never saw a moment like this. Thumbtacks in your back is one thing, but getting speared through a flaming table is completely different.

    We knew Foley had the insanity to go through with it, but big props to Edge for agreeing to the idea. He got the win off of that and his career was propelled in a big way.

    And we see a familiar face at No. 1 with...

1. Mankind Is Thrown off the Cell

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    I'm sure this list will have plenty of debate, but is there any doubt about No. 1? This was one of the most insane moments in wrestling history.

    Only adding to the moment was the commentary of Jim Ross, as you can tell from his voice that he was legitimately concerned about the well-being of Mick Foley. The Undertaker was probably freaking out as well, but he was able to stay in character the entire time.

    The footage of Mankind's fall is played over and over again, and there is no doubt that we will never forget that night.

That's a Wrap

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    Even with 25 table moments, I definitely omitted plenty. So many great table moments have occurred over the years that it's difficult to pick a select few.

    What would your list look like?

    Thanks for reading.