Mayweather vs. Ortiz: Rematch of Controversial Fight Would Be Much Different

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Mayweather vs. Ortiz: Rematch of Controversial Fight Would Be Much Different
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The end of the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Victor Ortiz fight a little over a week ago did not end like any of us expected it to.

Most thought that Mayweather was going to be the eventual winner, but I think just as many figured it would be a long, hard-fought battle between the legend Mayweather and his younger, stronger foe.

Instead, we got an abbreviated fourth-round knockout that saw both fighters use tactics that might be described as "underhanded."

The result leaves the door open for a grudge match between the two. I still think Mayweather would emerge as the winner, as he is the better fighter, but the fight itself would be much different.

For starters, it would be longer. You can bet that Ortiz will never let his guard down like he did last time, and I don't think we'll see any foul play from either fighter, as they know the referee will be looking for it.

I also think that Ortiz would put on a much better performance. He has experience against Mayweather now, and he will know exactly what to expect. If nothing else, he should have a better idea of how to beat him.

No one can deny that Ortiz was a confident fighter last time around, and I don't think that changes in a rematch. Mayweather was clearly winning the bout at the time of the knockout, but Ortiz was getting some shots in as well.

The end result of a rematch would likely be the same as it was the first time around. Mayweather is simply the better fighter. But the way we would get to the end result would be very different.

Ortiz would be better prepared for going into a fight with an all-time great like Mayweather and we, as fans, would be treated to a well-fought bout that comes down to the scorecards.

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