Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck Results: 5 Fights Koscheck Should Take Next

Adam OsterkampContributor IIISeptember 25, 2011

Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck Results: 5 Fights Koscheck Should Take Next

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    Josh Koscheck proved once again that he has more than just his wrestling to win fights with when he knocked out Matt Hughes late in the first round at UFC 135.

    Koscheck has a pretty impressive record at 16-5 and has been in the UFC for quite some time now. He’s come up against many challengers, but came up short when he fought GSP for the title.

    Koscheck always puts on a good show, and while he surely wants another shot at the title, it’s not his only motivation for fighting. He’s always looking for exciting matchups to get him motivated.

Rory MacDonald

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    Rory MacDonald is going to be one of the best fighters at Welterweight some day. He’s already close to it. He has some amazing skills, and many people are calling him the next GSP.

    This would be a great fight for Koscheck to test himself with. He’d get to face one of the most highly-touted young fighters in the division and truly have a chance to impress everyone.

Martin Kampmann vs. Rick Story Winner

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    Martin Kampmann and Rick Story are two fighters that are still looking to make themselves more established in the Welterweight division.

    Whoever wins the fight on November 19th at UFC 139 would certainly be close to getting into title contention. Josh Koscheck’s striking would be a good test for either man.

    It’s a great fight for “Kos” because he has the advantage over both fighters in the stand-up, and if the fight went to the ground, he could show that he can still dominate there, too.

Nick Diaz vs. B.J. Penn Winner

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    Josh Koscheck fighting either two of these men would be awesome! All three men are great with their hands and remarkable on the ground.

    Koscheck has never faced either man. Any single one of these matchups would be an exhilarating fight that almost certainly wouldn’t go to the end.

    No matter where the fight went, all three fighters would constantly be working and looking to put the other man away.

Carlos Condit Should He Win Against GSP

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    Having already lost to GSP, facing him again for the title so soon seems unlikely. If Carlos Condit walks away with a victory at UFC 137, however, it’d be a new man for Koscheck to fight.

    This is another fight that would be exciting no matter where it went. It might be a little too early for Kos to get another title shot. Rest assured, though: This fight would not go the distance and could certainly end up being Fight of the Night.

Move to Middleweight and Fight Chael Sonnen

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    Koscheck has talked quite a bit about moving up to Middleweight due to lack of fights for him at Welterweight.

    If he were to move up, Chael Sonnen would be an excellent test of Koscheck’s skills at the new weight class.

    Both are extremely good wrestlers, but Koscheck would certainly have the advantage in the stand-up realm. Would Kos be able to stuff Sonnen’s takedown attempts and come away with a KO?