UFC 135 Results: Is the Jon Jones Hypetrain Out of Control?

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2011

Jon Jones defended his UFC light heavyweight belt for the first time against Rampage Jackson at UFC 135.

After the fight—whether you were on Twitter, Facebook or even surfing Google—you could see just how unstoppable the "Jon Jones hypetrain" is.

People are already writing off Rashad Evans, who will be the next in line to face Jones.

Heck, people are writing off everybody else in the light heavyweight division. They're even comparing Jones to pound-for-pound kingpin and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Yes, Jones has looked unbeatable so far in his first 15 fights. Yes, Jones is a great fighter and definitely ranks as one of the top five pound-for-pound. Yes, he has beaten two great UFC fighters in a row.

One thing everybody is missing, though, is that the sport is mixed martial arts and anything can happen.

It took 12 fights for anyone to think Silva could be beaten inside the UFC. Jones has only defended his title once and his toughest opponents are still out there.

If Machida can somehow get into the title fight, how will Jones deal with his elusiveness?

How will Jones deal with having to face a former teammate in Evans?

The hypetrain is a little out of control. Jones looked great tonight and has looked unbeatable in every one of his fights. Fact remains though, he hasn't cleared out the light heavyweight division yet. He isn't even close.

Jones still needs to defend his title a couple of more times to warrant the biggest hypetrain currently in the UFC.

I might be in the small majority thinking this and I do think Jones is a great fighter. But I just think we need to take a deep breath and watch his still blossoming brilliant career unfold before our very eyes.

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