WWE: Cody Rhodes Bleeds at the Hands of Randy Orton; What Was the Point?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIISeptember 26, 2011

What Wasn't Shown on Friday Night Smackdown
What Wasn't Shown on Friday Night Smackdown

We all know about it but we didn't witness it.

That statement basically describes the brutal scene that apparently occurred last week at the Smackdown tapings.

Reportedly, after the Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes match where Rhodes won by disqualification after Randy Orton ripped off his mask and started beating him with it, Rhodes was seen bleeding heavily.

And by heavily, I mean a pool of blood.

According to the witnesses at the event, Rhodes started bleeding after receiving an unprotected head shot to the head by Randy Orton with the ring bell.

He shed a lot of blood, enough to make people into believers that this new "Reality Era" was actually legit. But was that really the intention?

No, in fact, none of what happened was supposed to actually happen. The only planned spot was supposed to be the assault on Rhodes.

The blood was unintentional, but it still happened so you can't ignore it, right?

As we tuned in to Friday Night Smackdown with hopes of witnessing long lost blood that had rarely appeared in the PG era, we saw our fears become reality. The blood was edited out.

Now why does this matter at all? It matters because it means that we are still in the PG era. Nothing's changed, there's just been a little bit more edge.

The blood would've signified a little bit of a more loose product. But alas, that was not meant to be. We are still in the PG era. Poor edits show it.

I'm not saying I want blood but on this occasion, I would've accepted it. It was an accident, it was caught on tape, why not show it?

It could've helped show Orton's brutality and how he would actually "go to hell" just to get his championship back. It would've help give Rhodes a real reason to wear his see-through mask.

It would have helped show the kids that this is what could happen if you tried it at home. It would've helped with the "Reality Era." Blood is real, the result of real violence.

It would've helped bring interest again because "anything can happen." The blood was an opportunity for change. It wasn't meant to be, though, as the blood just became a wasted opportunity.

A poorly edited segment aired instead.  What was the point?