Nicknames are the lifeblood of any sports team. They give fans and players an identity, help create the mascot and most important of all, a good nickname can inspire (just watch The Mighty Ducks). 

Some people may not like mascots that are named after things without much ferocity. I say you can only have so many Tigers/Lions/Bears/Eagles/Wildcats/Panthers/Hawks/Spartans/Warriors.

Fans should embrace uniqueness with team names. I've scoured university websites, minor league baseball guides and many other sports history sites to find the craziest, most unique and just plain awesome nicknames for every state.

Nicknames get bonus points if they embrace a thing or concept that has a rich history in the area. Or if they decide to just go against the grain and pick something crazy.

Did I miss a team? Is your alma mater not represented? Should your small-town, minor-league affiliate team have gotten a shout out? Is there a team that folded that had the best sobriquet ever? Let me know!