Eddie Guerrero and the Top 10 Things We Miss About Him

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 23, 2011

Eddie Guerrero and the Top 10 Things We Miss About Him

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    It's been six years since Eddie Guerrero passed.  Unfortunately our sport has had more than its fair share of tragic deaths.  But none hurt as deeply as Eddie's.

    At just 38 years old, he left behind a heartbroken family and legions of devastated fans. 

    The one thing we have left is the memories he gave us over the years.  He surely would have wanted us to celebrate his career and his life.

    The following are the things we miss most about the late great Eddie Guerrero.

Creative Cheating

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    From stealing Ric Flair's Royal Rumble number to hitting a referee with a whip and making it look like one of the Basham Brothers did it, Eddie made an art out of cheating.

    It was innovative backhandedness like this that made him a heel that fans loved.

    Unfortunately no current wrestler has taken the "smoking gun" torch and run with it.  It is so connected to our memory of Eddie that someone else (other than Chavo and Rey) pulling those stunts would probably be seen as stealing from him rather than paying tribute. 

His Entrance

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    Eddie used a car as part of his entrance long before Alberto Del Rio and he did it better than JBL.  One of the best entrances of all time included Eddie’s shoulder shimmy, a bouncing low-rider (sometimes) and his infectious theme song.

    "I lie, I cheat, I steal."

    His entrance was an over the top, fun part of WWE and is sorely missed.  What most fans wouldn't give to see him come down that ramp one more time.

High Flying

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    The influence of his time wrestling in Mexico was most obvious when he performed his Lucha Libre-inspired high flying moves.

    From picture perfect dropkicks to slingshot somersault sentons, Eddie wowed audiences with his agility throughout his career.  He and Rey were among the first to introduce moves like the plancha to American audiences. 

    Current superstars like Daniel Bryan and John Morrison can thank him for helping to pave the way for the exciting Mexican style of wrestling to find a home stateside. 

    His most famous aerial move is of course, the Frog Splash.  It was used as a tribute to his former partner Art Barr.  Thankfully it became a staple in Eddie's thrilling repertoire. 

Rivalry vs. Rey Mysterio

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    Rey and Eddie were magic together, a perfect pairing of styles. 

    Being friends and knowing each other extremely well certainly helped their chemistry in the ring.  Nearly every time they locked up they produced a classic.

    Ridiculous story aside, their SummerSlam 2005 Ladder Match was awesome.  Looking back at the best matches of both Rey and Eddie's career, it is their battles together that dominate that list; WrestleMania 21, Judgment Day 2005, countless WCW matches. 

The Mullet

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    Not many men could have pulled that look off.

    Eddie rocked the mullet for a good chunk of his career especially during his WCW days.

    Somehow Eddie made it cool.  You have to attribute that mostly to his confidence and that everybody loved him as a person.

    Were someone who was less popular backstage, Randy Orton for example, try to roll out with a mullet they would be laughed out of the building.  Eddie could have come to the ring in a sarong and nobody would bother him. 

Mic Skills

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    As wrestling fans, we get used to subpar acting and accept it as part of the entertainment.  Eddie Guerrero was one of the few guys that was a convincing actor.

    If he were alive today, WWE Films would surely find some piss poor script to waste his talents.

    During his darker heel days, his disturbing promos were enthralling.  He didn't have as many t-shirt worthy catchphrases as other guys, but performed at an exceedingly high level again and again.

The Three Amigos

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    A simple move executed to perfection was one of Eddie's staples.  Turning three vertical suplexes into an exciting move is a tribute to his mat skills.

    It also demonstrated his deceptive power as he would effortlessly perform the move on much bigger guys. 

    The Three Amigos is so synonymous with Eddie Guerrero that no one can do that move without people thinking of him.

Rivalry vs. Kurt Angle

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    I could write a long list of guys Eddie had great matches with like Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit, but for me his matches with Kurt Angle were some of his best.

    The juxtaposition of Angle's power and Eddie’s agility as well as both of their technical skill made for crisp, well-paced wrestling. 

    Their WrestleMania XX match in particular, definitely delivered.  Eddie kicking off his own boot to save himself from the ankle lock was a beautiful moment.

    These two men brought out the best in each other and the fans reaped the benefits.

Teaming with Chavo

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    For me, it seems like Chavo and Eddie were teaming up forever, but looking back, the Guerreros' pairing was short-lived.  Their excellent chemistry was no surprise with them being family and all. 

    They were a fun team to watch and had things turned out differently might have gone onto greatness.  With the time they did have they won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Tag Team of the Year in 2002 along with the WWE Tag Team Championship twice. 

    Not only were they good in the ring, but made some pretty hilarious promos together as well. 

    Chavo's career has not been the same without Eddie.  He did some of his best work with his uncle in his corner.

General Awesomeness

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    There have been better wrestlers than Eddie Guerrero.  There have been wrestlers better on the mic or who have sold more shirts, but there was an indefinable quality about Eddie that made him so beloved and made his death that much more tragic.

    I've never cried about any other celebrity dying.  Eddie's different.  I can't watch any of his old matches or interviews without choking up like crazy.

    What we loved about him was a combination of all the things I've listed but something else as well.  There are few wrestlers or athletes in general that have touched us like Eddie did.