Good Luck Chuck: Chuck Neinas Reportedly Tabbed as Interim Big 12 Commissioner

Brian HaenchenContributor IISeptember 21, 2011


The Big 12 is preparing to replace commissioner Dan Beebe with former Big Eight commissioner Chuck Neinas.

According to a report from Dennis Dodd on CBS Sports, the conference is "moving quickly" to replace Beebe, who has been under heavy scrutiny from the member institutions the Big 12's recent instability. 

The announcement could come as early as Thursday when the Big 12 presidents will hold a teleconference to discuss the conference's future and lay out plans for recruiting a replacement for Texas A&M.

ESPN reported Wednesday afternoon that the board of directors plan to ask Beebe to resign. If, for whatever reason, he refuses, then a simple majority among the member institutions would be required. 

Neinas, who was commissioner of the Big Eight from 1971-1980, currently runs Neinas Sports Services, an intercollegiate athletics consulting service specializing in the areas of management, organization and personnel placement.

During his tenure as conference commissioner, Neinas streamlined operations and improved communications among university officials while his "Big Eight Family" concept helped the member institutions get involved with their respective communities.

In addition, his marketing campaigns for the Big Eight were eventually adopted by other conferences.

In terms of connections to current Big 12 member institutions, Neinas handled Missouri's AD search for Mike Alden in 1998 and was instrumental in Oklahoma's search when they landed Joe Castiglione.

His son, Toby (a Missouri alum), is the linebackers coach at New Mexico. After his time as Big Eight commissioner, Neinas served as the executive director of the College Football Association from 1980-1997.

In 1984, Neinas negotiated TV contracts and established a television plan on behalf of the CFA members that included ABC, CBS, NBC and ESPN. That deal ran from 1984-1995.

Neinas played an intricate role in the promotion of CFA-sponsored NCAA legislation that included the improvement of academic standards, the development of the continuing eligibility rule requiring progress toward a degree and the elimination of the alumni and boosters from the recruiting process.

Outside of his responsibilities in collegiate athletics, Neinas served on the U.S. Olympic Committee Board of Directors for eight years and actually served on the initial USOC Development Committee.

There has been no official announcements from the Big 12, Neinas or Beebe, but everyone should know more tomorrow afternoon.