Driver's Will

Ian WalshContributor INovember 25, 2008

This season is gearing up to be one of true grit and passion. we are so lucky to have so many drivers lighting up the track, like Robert Kubica the only Polish flag waver to ever win a grand prix. last year a small blip on the radar (except for the crash in Montreal), this year a championship contender, now theirs another red flag waving in the stands for this son of Poland.

Then there's Alonso motivated by some unseen force not to be over looked because of his car, witch he time and time again points out is not up to par. He is the fire of Spain never letting you forget he beat Schumacher for the title two years in a row the, last being Schuei's farewell season.

Just in case you did forget He gave us Singapore, Japan, and 2nd in Brazil to top of a hard fought season and give a solute to the Renault crew who are just starting to get were the need to be, right up BMW's arse.

Vettel shows us that the car is only half of the equation, with an out of no were complete domination at Monza (in the wet). and a unbelievable race in Brazil, out driving Hamilton to finish 4th.

Vettel is the spirit of the youth looking younger than he is and always having that true child like expression we all hold inside, be it in the pits or on the podium. His undeniable talent is one to pay heed, because he's only warming up yet, don't forget his eighth place finish for BMW (look it up), Monza is just the tip of the iceberg.

That brings us to Massa THE PEOPLE'S CHAMPION. There should be no doubt in any one's mind that this energy driven stallion is fueled to the finish after coming so close to his dream. the most street races won this year, out performing his team mate (defending champ Kimi) consistently throwout the season.

Felipe has earned the respect and admiration of drivers and fans alike, a true fighter, an absolute trill to watch behind the wheel. his unorthodox style reveals the horses in his veins flicking in and out of the corners, pounding every ounce out of his car, violently ripping every last piece of horse power out of the F2008. He will not rest until he is the Formula One Champion.

Last but not the least, Hamilton. Cocky or confidant? Lucky or talented? Dirty tactics or doing what it takes? any one of these questions are sure to get you in to a heated debate regardless of your side. Whether you love or hate him, respect or despise him, he is our '08 points leader.

Don't forget how he got there, a very hard fought season, with some of the greatest wins like in Silverstone were he got on the right tire at the right time and began to lap cars in the wet, or in Belgium and a fight to the death as it were with defending champion Kimi Räikkönen (I'll never forget that nail bitter).

Then there's some of the biggest historic blunders in 07 and 08, be it off pit road in China, or into the back of Kimi on pit lane in Montreal. Still Lewis Hamilton is one of the most talented drivers to ever step into a F1 car, his Qualifying sessions are some of the most exciting to watch raveling the race it self.

In conclusion, we come for the speed but we stay for the passion!