WWE Update: 5 Potential Storylines for the Miz and R-Truth

TJ Nagy@@tj_nagyAnalyst IIISeptember 21, 2011

WWE Update: 5 Potential Storylines for the Miz and R-Truth

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    First off, let's all come to terms that The Miz and R-Truth aren't actually fired.

    Agreed? OK, cool.

    Now, last night's Raw definitely gave a huge surprise when HHH fired both The Miz and R-Truth. The whole thing made this current storyline even more interesting, and now it's starting to very clearly look like the current COO is starting to lose complete control.

    What will happen on account of HHH's actions remains to be seen, but when it comes R-Truth and The Awesome One, there's no doubt that they're not even close to speaking their minds and creating chaos throughout the WWE.  

    A conspiracy is starting to unfold...and you know what that means.

    Someone's about to get got.

    Here's five things that may be in store for Awesome Truth in the not to distant future.

1. Go to Smackdown!

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    This one is probably the stupidest way the WWE can go with this, but it is entirely possible. It's happened before in the WWE, and there's no doubt in can happen again.

    Seriously, how many times has someone been forced to leave one brand and just waltzes right into the other? It's a pretty big loophole in the system that's never really been addressed, but then again, so is the fact that people who get fired never really seem to go away at all.

    I know for a fact that if I got fired and walked in the next day with a mask on claiming to be my imaginary Mexican cousin, police would be on the premises almost immediately to escort me to a mental aid facility.

    The Miz and R-Truth's move from Raw to Smackdown! would obviously make things a little more interesting on Friday nights, and watching them create some anarchy on the blue brand would be entertaining to say the least. In all honesty, they could use the services of two very big heels over there. 

    Even though Mark Henry is the current champ, it's still The Randy Orton Show, and it will only be a matter of time now before the gold is back around The Viper's waist.

    Henry is getting old, so this little title run may just be a way for the WWE to thank him after so many years of loyal service. There's no doubt, though, that The World's Strongest Man will eventually lose the feud against Orton and go on to wrestle either the Big Show or Kane...or both.

    SD's other top heel, Christian, just got out of a long, tedious feud with Orton that nobody wants to see again for quite some time. So that takes him out of the picture for at least a little while. 

    After that, there really is no legitimate threat to Orton's title, especially with Sheamus' recent face turn and Rhodes sitting pretty with the IC belt.

    I think it's safe to say that if they moved to Friday nights, Awesome Truth (especially The Miz) would be top heels in no time. That doesn't mean it's the best overall move, though.

    I don't want to see it, and you probably don't want to, either, but that doesn't mean that Awesome Truth's move over to Friday nights isn't out of the realm of possibility. I hope to God, though, that the WWE has bigger plans than that for these two talented guys.  

2. Go Rogue

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    Besides simply moving to another brand, coming back to disrupt the WWE sporadically is the most popular move for anyone who has recently been fake "future endeavored."

    Cena did it back in 2010, Nash did it just a few days ago and there's no doubt that The Miz and R-Truth will probably do it. It keeps two big stars on television and allows for a little bit of unpredictability on Raw.

    In my opinion, this may be the most logical storyline for the WWE to go with. It's only a matter of time now before Awesome Truth becomes two renegades, continually taking out those who have wronged them, disrupting matches, cutting scathing promos about conspiracies and then disappearing back into the crowd.  

    Sure, this idea may already be a little played out, but there's no doubt that these two guys are drawing some major heat right now. R-Truth has already been pegged as a complete lunatic. As for The Miz, he continues to be the future of this entire company, and there's no way that with a mouth like his we're going to forget about it anytime soon.

    Even though they're not in the title picture, there is no doubt that these two top heels will continue to make their presence know at Hell in a Cell and beyond.

    Who knows...maybe they'll even find a few guys who share their point of view.  

3. Join Forces with Laurinaitis and Other Superstars to Create a Stable

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    Over the last few months, it's become clearer and clearer that a major power struggle is forming in the WWE. HHH is losing more control every single week, continually letting his emotions and his ego get the better of him. 

    The firing of The Miz and K-Kwi...I mean R-Truth may end up being the last straw. A revolt is coming, especially considering all the mystery that's been surrounding this whole thing over the last month. Someone is pulling the strings, and it's not Triple H.

    Soon, everything is going to explode and all will be revealed. There's a good chance that Awesome Truth is going to play a big part in it. Actually, there's no doubt that they will.

    John Laurinaitis has continually taken a much bigger role on WWE television over the last few weeks. He's definitely planning something, and as HHH continues to create animosity within the company, Laurinaitis' plan is starting to become much clearer. His little mysterious text message at Night of Champions and Kevin Nash's subsequent attack proved almost indefinitely that he and Laurinaitis have joined forces...but then again, who really knows in this current WWE landscape?

    Side Note: Why does Laurinaitis have a flip phone? Isn't he like a millionaire? He really can't afford a smart phone? My 14-year-old niece has a smart phone for God's sake. Anyways...

    As for Awesome Truth's random attack, they may not have been directly influenced by Laurinaitis to make their move, but they certainly share the same hatred for HHH as Nash does. Their little attempt to roll CM Punk onto HHH for the pin proved that...but then again, who really knows? Maybe they've already joined up with Mr. Talent Relations.

    Either way, with Awesome Truth's firing, it's a guarantee that they'll be joining whatever plan that Laurinaitis already has to destroy HHH.

    In other words, the two guys who believe that there is a conspiracy will be joining the conspiracy to conspire against HHH, who they believe is the one conspiring. Anyone following me here?

    Laurinaitis, along with Nash, Awesome Truth and maybe a few other surprises (ADR?) may end up taking the WWE by storm, shaking the entire organization to its core. They are setting up a showdown at Survivor Series with the fate of WWE up for grabs, and prompting the long-awaited return of The Rock to help stop the renegades. Luckily, The Great One already has a pretty good history of stopping invasions. 

    Speaking of invasions...imagine if Awesome Truth decided to tell the whole wrestling world just how corrupt the WWE has become?

4. Invade Other Promotions and Media

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    Imagine this.

    Two disgruntled former WWE stars going off the deep end and exposing all the WWE's dirty little secrets. With The Miz's mouth and R-Truth's crazy conspiracy theories, it's a match made in heaven, and a nightmare for WWE's media image.

    But that's exactly the direction that the WWE can go with this, especially with their recent shift to more reality-based programming. Over the last month, the WWE has gone in a totally new direction with the way they generate interest in their shows. It started to involve other media outlets and surprise moments where kayfabe has meshed with the real world. Interactions are not just reserved for the ring anymore.

    Since CM Punk became the star he's always deserved to be, the legendary fourth wall has continued to crumble more and more. Other promotions like Ring Of Honor actually have been mentioned on WWE programming, backstage dirty laundry is aired out consistently and now, blacklisted names like Hulk Hogan are actually mentioned every once in a while. It's strange to say the least, but it's also incredibly exciting.

    With the fourth wall now a shell of its former self, maybe it's time for Awesome Truth to do some invading, Outsiders style. Imagine if they just showed up on ROH one day and began a takeover—think of the anarchy that would cause. There has been rumors circulating of WWE and ROH working together, so maybe it's truer than we thought. Doing so would give ROH, and wrestling as a whole, some much needed publicity, and it would maybe even spark some friendly competition between the two brands, something that is very much needed right now in today's wrestling landscape.

    Or maybe The Miz and R-Truth can take their conspiracy theories to the streets and across the media world. If CM Punk can show up at Comic-Con and confront HHH, why can't The Miz and R-Truth disrupt interviews, press conferences and autograph signings? It would create a huge buzz in the industry and would continue to push the WWE towards its newer, edgier, reality era.

    If The Miz and R-Truth believe so strongly in a conspiracy, then I'm sure that they will stop at nothing to prove it, whether or not they're on the WWE roster or even WWE programming.      

5. Go Find Vince McMahon and Bring Him Back

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    This idea is similar to the third slide, and revolves once again around the upcoming power struggle in the WWE. The rumors have been flying recently that Vince McMahon's return to television is coming, so who better to bring him back than two guys who actually want him back?

    Alberto Del Rio hinted at it on Raw last Monday when he confronted HHH, stating that he dreamed of the day Mr. McMahon would return, and recently, Vince's name has been coming up more and more. The boss is coming back, but what role will he take?

    Similar to Laurinaitis, McMahon may come back to fix the mess that HHH has created, and there's a good chance he won't be too happy about it. Don't forget that for years Mr. Laurinaitis was considered McMahon's right-hand man, and I'm sure Mr. Talent Relations has been telling McMahon just how horrible everything has gotten, not that McMahon hasn't been watching anyways.

    Maybe the firings of two huge stars will be the last straw and will force Vince to return to run things the right way. I see no reason why The Miz and R-Truth can't go and confront Mr. McMahon and force him to come back. With McMahon taking the side of two anarchists, he can go right back to doing what he does best: being a power-hungry, untrustworthy heel boss.

    Awesome Truth, like many others in the company, are very unhappy with the WWE's current leadership situation. Because they took a stand, they've become just another victim of HHH's ego. It would be horrible to watch these two top heels go, and Vince knows it. He's not a billionaire because he fires talent for no reason...OK, maybe he is, but that's beside the point.

    Either way, The Miz and R-Truth are set to make a pretty big impact in the upcoming weeks, and very few things would be bigger than bringing Vince McMahon back. 


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    There you go, guys, five potential storylines for The Miz and R-Truth.

    Let me know if you guys have any other ideas for these "fired" superstars.

    Thanks for reading, guys!

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