Who goes pro?

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

Seeing as how I have nothing else to write about for a few weeks until the bowl selections are made I thought it might be interesting to consider who may enter the NFL draft early this year from BYU.

Cases coud be made for much of the offense, but I would say really only Jorgensen on defense. However, I really don’t think many, if any of them will go.

If you take away the TCU and Utah games Max Hall had a tremendous season. One which would have at least drawn the consideration of numerous scouts. Fortunately for us, He screwed up any chance he may have had when he threw five picks and had a fumble to close out the season. Talk about leaving a bad taste in their mouths. Max, and BYU will be better off with him hanging around.

Harvey’s season didn’t quite blow anyone away, but the talent is definitely there to go to the next level eventually. He needs one more year to really prove his worth and there is no reason to think he won’t take it.

Perhaps the greatest threat to leave early is Austin Collie. He leads the NCAA in yards, and has had a phenomenal year. I am sure he is garnering at least passive interest from multiple NFL teams, and he would be stupid to not at least consider it. However, the deck is stacked for next year to be even better getting both Utah and TCU at home. Not to mention his timing with Max can only get better, and he could add to his new BYU receiving yards record. Let’s cross our fingers he stays.

Dennis Pitta should also draw some attention which he will definitely consider. The BYU tight end factory continues to roll on, and he is another good one. Just like Collie, I think he would benfit greatly from another year in the national spotlight where he can gain more press and respect. Only time will tell how it turns out.

On defense, the only real prospect to go pro is Jan Jorgensen, but I don’t think this year was good enough for him to move on. He was so stellar last year that teams really started working him this year and knowing his work ethic he will study film all summer and come back that much stronger next year and ready to face the double teams.

This is all merely speculation and we won’t know anything for months but I don’t really see anyone moving on because it would be in all of their best interests to hang around for one more year.