WWE Preview: Looking Ahead to the Top Three Matches at WWE Hell in a Cell 2011

Imaan Jalali@imaanjalaliFeatured ColumnistSeptember 19, 2011

What awaits Triple H's fate at Hell in a Cell?
What awaits Triple H's fate at Hell in a Cell?Ethan Miller/Getty Images

WWE Night of Champions 2011 has come and gone, leaving a spectrum of opinions from both extremes in its wake. Some felt like they watched a pretty good extended-rendition of a RAW broadcast, others stand by an unpredictably entertaining show, and the rest are up in arms about a PPV wallowing in mediocrity.

Of the three main-event caliber matches at Night of Champions, one ended in a new World Heavyweight Champion (Henry), another culminated in the halting of a new star (Del Rio) in favor of the company staple (Cena), and lastly, a ridiculously convoluted, yet perversely entertaining, fusillade of fireworks bombarded the HHH-Punk match, leaving the new COO standing last, just barely.

With Hell in a Cell on Oct. 2, there is only a two-week turnaround since Night of Champions ended its PPV broadcast, so it would be logical to assume that the main players in the just concluded PPV will see action inside the unforgiving confines of the cell...billed as the most ominous and dangerous structure in WWE lore.

However, with ratings on the decline and Monday Night Football back in the saddle again, going head to head with WWE's flagship show, Monday Night Raw, it would behoove the WWE to break away from the monotony of repetitive main-event matches over a two, or sometimes three, PPV-span.

Incidentally, the finishes of two of the top matches at Night of Champions point toward multi-man cell matches, with the exception of Cena-Del-Rio, which I will expound on later.

For instance, the very definitive, almost one-sided finish in the Orton-Henry match, with the behemoth Henry standing tall and proud, lends itself to some tweaking in its next installment.

Since Orton seemingly has no chance against the "world's strongest man" one on one, it would be feasible to integrate Christian, Sheamus, and a returning Kane who all have history with the former two.

To make things interesting, Hell in a Cell will feature a 5-pack challenge in the cell pitting Orton vs. Henry vs. Christian vs. Sheamus vs. Kane.

Orton's quest for Title might become more difficult
Orton's quest for Title might become more difficultGallo Images/Getty Images

Secondly, the just transpired Punk-HHH match at Night of Champions similarly seems to bode well for a multi-man affair on Oct. 2. Unlike Orton-Henry, however, the finish, while the antithesis of indisputable, featured the interjection of three other major superstars in The Miz, R-Truth, and the veteran Kevin Nash, who all presumably had a stake in the concluding match at Night of Champions.

Thus, instead of quickly jading the fan in regards to the prospect of another Punk vs. HHH match, I propose it be saved for either Vengeance or even Survivor Series. Consequently, we would have another five-pack challenge in the cell embroiling Punk vs. HHH vs. R-Truth vs. The Miz vs. Kevin Nash, as they all, too, have history with one another.

Finally, in what form will we see the next chapter of Cena vs. Del-Rio? Granted, Cena defeated the Mexican royal in dominant fashion with the STF at Night of Champions.

However, because the feud is still fresh and not in danger of losing its value as a "money" pairing; as well as the dearth of other challengers to the WWE Title throne, especially with Rey Mysterio on the shelf; and, because Del-Rio's smarmy and evasive cockiness can be highlighted to plausibly maintain his competitive legitimacy due to having an "off night" at Night of Champions...I foresee the WWE's version of Superman and the aristocrat battling one on one a second time inside four sides of a chain-linked fence at Hell in a Cell.

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