WWE Night of Champions: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Merlot WilliamsCorrespondent IISeptember 19, 2011

Again? Really? Source - wwe.com
Again? Really? Source - wwe.com

Night of Champions was more of a disappointment than a shock tonight. WWE seems to keep leading us around in circles and giving us the hope that things may change, and ultimately, the status quo keeps being restored.

It definitely threw us a curve tonight, as I thought there was no way in hell that Mark Henry was going to walk out of Buffalo with the World Heavyweight Title in tow. I have to say I am very impressed and pleased with this decision since Henry has been around for such a long time, but has never won "the big one." Let us hope and pray that Henry gets a decent run with the strap and that creative doesn't blow this one like they did with the CM Punk storyline.

Ideally, I would like to see Sheamus take the title for a bit since he has been built as a main-event player and not just handed the belt to draw viewers from Ireland. Realistically, I believe Orton will get the belt back as soon as Tuesday, no later than Survivor Series.

On the CM Punk note, did anyone really think that he was going to go over Triple H tonight? I think the outcome was the way it was, because this can further the storyline between Triple H and Punk since Punk stated he wouldn't rest until Trips was no longer the COO. They really do work well together in the promo segments and have great chemistry, and I believe this feud will run until at least the Survivor Series.

As much as I liked him back in the day, Kevin Nash really needs to hang it up. He is bringing nothing to the Triple H/CM Punk feud and is really just taking up TV time from the younger guys that need to get over, which he has been doing since his latter days in WCW (Zing!). Punk and Hunter can carry the feud on their own and Nash really isn't needed.

Lastly, who could forget John Cena, who is now a 12-time Heavyweight Champion? I like John Cena a lot (braces for heat). I really believe it isn't his fault that he is booked the way that he is, which is why I'm looking at YOU, WWE "creative"! Tell John Cena to put the title down and back away slowly. John Cena will definitely have the title or be a title contender until at least Wrestlemania.

Who knows, with the way WWE has been booking their champions here lately, Cena could very well be a 27-time world champion by Wrestlemania.

Arguably, these were the only matches anyone really cared about at Night of Champions since they were the only matches with any sort of decent build behind them. Now we wait until the Survivor Series to see if ratings will continue to plummet, or start to improve.

Until next time, I'm Merlot Williams, and that's my opinion.