UCLA Football: Is It Time To Go with Richard Brehaut… Permanently?

Alex Shoemaker@https://twitter.com/#!/MrAlexShoemakerAnalyst IISeptember 18, 2011

UCLA Football: Is It Time To Go with Richard Brehaut… Permanently?

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    It's been a hot debate for Bruins fans on who the starting quarterback should be.

    Both Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut have started, but the inconsistencies and continued injuries to Prince have many thinking that it's time to reevaluate the quarterback situation.

    So who should head coach Rick Neuheisel go with at quarterback?

    Prince or Brehaut?

    Read and decide for yourself... 

Prince Can’t Stay Healthy

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    Prince has had countless injuries, and has been lost for the remainder of the season twice in his young career. It’s uncertain whether or not he will be 100 percent for the remainder of the season. I am incredibly skeptical, and I don’t like the odds of Prince remaining healthy for the remainder of the season.

    Unfortunately, some guys are just injury prone. Up North, the Oregon Ducks had a similar situation with their backup quarterback, Nate Costa, who suffered three season ending knee injuries in his career.

    The Ducks chose to go with their sure quarterback in Darron Thomas instead of Costa, and health security more than likely played a pivotal part in the coach staff’s decision. Maybe, it’s better to go with a guy you feel comfortable enough to have last the whole season for you.

Brehaut Was Better Last Season

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    With hopes of finally giving head coach Rich Neuheisel a breakout season, injuries killed Prince’s 2010 season and breakout season hopes. In the games Prince did play in, Prince completed only 42-of-94 passes for 384 yards with three touchdowns and five interceptions.

    Poor decisions and inconsistencies have been the Achilles' heel for Prince’s career. Brehaut hasn’t had much more success in his time, but it has definitely been more consistent.

    In 2010, Brehaut completed 119-of-212 passes for 1,296 yards with six touchdowns and seven interceptions. I was a little surprised that Neuheisel went with Prince and not Brehaut considering their production the previous year.

Brehaut Has Been Better in 2011

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    Like the season before, Brehaut has been UCLA’s better quarterback so far.

    Not only has Brehaut been better, he’s been astronomically better.

    In UCLA’s first three games, Prince has seen limited time with yet another injury. When on the field, Prince has completed 6-of-10 passes for 84 yards with no touchdowns and three interceptions.

    Keep in perspective that Brehaut has completed 37-of-68 passes for 559 yards with three touchdowns and no picks. Add to that, Brehaut is the third leading rusher for the Bruins with 130 yards and a touchdown.

Brehaut or Prince?

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    If you haven’t figured out which quarterback I think the Bruins should go with yet, you either haven’t read the other slides or you don’t watch UCLA’s games.

    The should be starter is pretty apparent. Prince may do great in practices, but on Saturdays he has been outplayed by Brehaut.

    So who should the Bruins choose as their man?

    Brehaut or Prince: Brehaut!