Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Money May Surpasses Mike Tyson as Most Classless Fighter

Kyle Vassalo@VassaloBRFeatured ColumnistSeptember 18, 2011

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 17:  Floyd Mayweather Jr. fights back tears during the post-fight news conference after his fourth round knockout of Victor Ortiz in their WBC welterweight title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 17, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather's cheap shot cements his legacy as the most classless fighter of all time. There have been several classless moments in the boxing ring that were more despicable, including the "Assault in the Ring" and Mike Tyson Biting Evander Holyfield in the ring, but no fighter has ever been more blatantly unsportsmanlike than Mayweather.

Upon first watching the sucker punch Mayweather dealt Victor Ortiz, it seemed almost surreal. Ortiz was apologizing for the headbutt he dealt Mayweather and rather than accepting his apology, touching gloves and continuing the fight, Mayweather dealt him a knockout combination.

For a moment, it seemed as though there was something we missed. After watching it back it was clear that Mayweather managed to find a way to surpass his notorious legacy.

Mayweather cheated viewers. The fight was cut short, we still have no idea who was the better fighter and for the first-time Pay Per View audience, this fight isn't exactly evidence that marquee fights like this one are worth the purchase.

The "protect yourself at all times" garbage Mayweather is force feeding the world is nonsense. Between the bells, it's all is not always fair. A classy demonstration like the one Ortiz put forth made himself completely vulnerable and Mayweather was wrong to take advantage.

It's not as though he dropped his hands and Mayweather hit him with a combo. Ortiz was punished for trying to put forth a classy gesture and nothing Mayweather says makes his disgusting personality any easier to take in.

Mayweather strives to be a hated boxer. Mission accomplished Floyd. He embodies everything that is wrong with sports.

For aspiring boxers who want to fight like Money May, he's sending all the wrong messages.

He doesn't need to be a role model, he doesn't owe the world anything, but when we talk about the greatest fighters of all time, Mayweather isn't going to get mentioned for moments like this.

Muhammad Ali and Tyson are some of the most polarizing figures in sports history, but despite all of their sometimes unpopular antics, they don't quite measure up to the notoriety that Mayweather has made for himself.

Tyson might have had some wild moments, but he was able to change his ways after he retired and is much more well received now after his lifestyle change. Ali is perhaps the greatest fighter of all-time and it's hard to imagine him pulling some stunt like Mayweather did to earn a victory.

Mayweather might be able to change his ways after he retires, but it's highly unlikely. He relishes being hated, is unabashedly selfish and has no moral compass to be found.

It's hard to believe that Mayweather can feel good about the fashion that he won in, but no display of bad character out of Mayweather should really come as a surprise at this point.

He's not going to be remembered for his dominant fighting. He's going to be remembered as a loud-mouthed punk who continues to weigh down boxing.

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