Mayweather vs. Ortiz: 5 Things That We Took From This Fight

TJ Nagy@@tj_nagyAnalyst IIISeptember 18, 2011

Mayweather vs. Ortiz: 5 Things That We Took From This Fight

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    Floyd Mayweather Jr has done it again. 

    After controlling most of the fight for the first three rounds, Mayweather ended his night against Victor Ortiz early with a quick—and somewhat controversial—knockout in the middle of the fourth round. 

    Mayweather's undefeated record remains intact, his mouth still works and every boxing fan in the world can now go back and petition for Floyd to finally step in the ring with Manny Pacquiao. 

    In the meantime though, let's break down exactly what happened in yesterday's main event and what this means for Mayweather, Ortiz and boxing as a whole. 

1. Mayweather MUST Fight Pacman

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    I'm going to get the most obvious slide out of the way first.

    Once again, we have come to a crossroads in boxing. Money Mayweather continues to dominate everyone he steps into the ring with. But his 42-0 record means very little to his legacy until he finally gives the boxing world what they want and fights Manny Pacquiao.

    Boxing needs it and we want to see it. It would be an utter travesty if these two larger-than-life fighters never got the opportunity to prove who's the better man.

    Even before the knockout, there was no doubt that Mayweather was in charge of the fight. He connected regularly, blocked some great shot from Ortiz and looked nothing but cool, calm and collected under the Vegas lights. Even with a pretty large amount of time off, there simply isn't any fighter who can stand toe-to-toe with Money Mayweather...except for one. 

    There's not much else I can say about this situation that hasn't already been said, but it has to happen and soon. For the sake of boxing, there's no way that it can't. 

2. Mayweather Continues to Be the Hottest Name in Boxing

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    Fact is, Mayweather is the heart and soul of the boxing world right now. 

    He's the showman that this failing empire needs. He'll continue to draw crowds wherever he goes and wherever he fights.

    Mayweather has mastered the art of trash talk and because of that he will remain the biggest name in boxing. Sure, Manny Pacquiao may dominate every opponent he steps in the ring with and when you compare what Pacman has done to the same guys that Mayweather has fought, it becomes clear that Pacquiao knows how to knock people out.

    Pacman is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world right now. That's really not much of a debate at this point. 

    Still, there's no doubt that the world of boxing would be dead without the personality of Floyd Money Mayweather. He always puts on the show that we as fans love to see and whether you love him or you hate him, there's no doubt you're talking about him today after what he did to Ortiz.

    Mayweather's back and he wasted no time in once again becoming the undisputed hottest name in boxing today.  

3. Mayweather Loves Playing the Bad Guy

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    Even though Floyd may be the hottest ticket in town these days, there's no denying that he loves being the villain.

    He's done all he can to make people hate him and after last night's fight, it's clear that Mayweather may have finally became America's favorite bad guy. The entire Vegas crowd hated Money from the first bell, but that's what Mayweather feeds off of and that's what ultimately got him the knockout victory.

    Ortiz hugged and apologized to Mayweather for his very intentional headbutt, but what he got in return were two hooks clean to the face. Money won the match in a way that only an arrogant bully could pull off and to many, Mayweather ruined his reputation by landing such a controversial shot on Ortiz.

    Then, as if the ending wasn't enough to make the fans hate him, Mayweather confronted 70-year-old announcer Larry Merchant after Merchant tried to interview him, claiming that he didn't know s**t about boxing. Merchant's response about kicking Mayweather's a** if he was 50 years younger got a huge response from the crowd and will definitely be a hot topic for a while. Mayweather definitely came out of that confrontation looking pretty ridiculous, but he still knows how to create controversy and therefore create cash. 

    All the boos couldn't stop him, because that's what Mayweather feeds off of. He loves the hate, he loves the animosity and loves the target on his back.

    Why? Because he knows deep down in his heart that nobody on this planet can beat him. It's that simple at the end of the day. 

4. Ortiz Made a Huge Amateur Mistake

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    A majority of critics over the last day can't stop talking about how much of a cheap shot Mayweather's knockout blow was. Well, I think Victor Ortiz would be the first to say that he would have done the same exact thing if he was in Floyd's position.

    Why Ortiz decided to apologize so many times is beyond comprehension. It made Ortiz look weak and a predator like Mayweather took advantage of the situation almost immediately. It was a disappointing conclusion, considering their were a few times where Oritz looked pretty good. He had Floyd on the ropes a few times and was starting to use his size advantage a little bit more. 

    In the last few seconds of the fight, Ortiz looked like nothing more than a rough amateur. With the intentional headbutt, multiple apologies and keeping his hands down when the fight started again, Ortiz should be incredibly disappointed and embarrassed with the way his night turned out. He should have seen a move like that coming from Mayweather, but instead he got sloppy.

    I wouldn't call Mayweather's move cowardly, I would call it smart. Ortiz should be defending himself at all times in the ring. As soon as you let your guard down and show weakness against a skilled fighter like Mayweather, it's going to be exploited.

    Ortiz was the bigger and younger man, but Mayweather's punches just were too much for Ortiz to handle. It ate away at him and it was clear by the fourth round that Ortiz may have thought he was in a little over his he decided to use it. In many ways, he got what he deserved.  

    Victor Ortiz is still in good shape, though. He's still got a very bright future ahead of him, but a good showing last night would have gone a long way in building his legacy.

    At least he has $2.5 million to keep him company.   

5. There Is Probably a Rematch Coming

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    After an ending of that magnitude, there's not a doubt in my mind that we'll see these two guys step back into the ring one more time.

    Mayweather mentioned it immediately in his post-fight interview and said that he would be more than happy to give Oritz another shot at him and his new title. With the way that match turned out, a rematch is almost a guarantee.

    For Ortiz, even though he sounded pretty humble after the fight, he most definitely wants to get some revenge for that blindside shot by Mayweather. We all know Floyd will continue to run his mouth and if he once again dances around the Manny Pacquiao topic, then an Ortiz rematch would certainly be a fantastic back-up option.

    This match and that kind of ending was great for boxing. It got people talking and for the first time in a long time, Pacman-Mayweather isn't going to be the only fight on people's tongues.

    Mayweather-Ortiz II would do just fine and if promoted correctly, it could end up being one of the biggest fights in boxing history.   


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    Thanks for reading guys. Please comment if you can. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of last night's outcome.

    P.S. Here's a picture of Mayweather's fiance...good for him.