WWE Night of Champions: 10 Things to Know About Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst ISeptember 18, 2011

WWE Night of Champions: 10 Things to Know About Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

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    What's up wrestling fans?

    With WWE Night of Champions only a day away, I'm back once again to preview one of the main events: Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena.

    Del Rio will defend his WWE Championship, and I can only hope he continues his reign past NoC.

    Regardless, the pay-per-view is shaping up nicely, and we can look forward to some great matches.

    Without delay, here are 10 things you must know about the Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena match. 

It's His Destiny

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    All year, we've heard Alberto Del Rio talk about his destiny. It was his destiny to win the Royal Rumble. His destiny to win at WrestleMania 27, and so on. 

    Reasonably, there is only so long we could hear him talk about his destiny before we demanded some results. The WWE may have waited too long to cash in on Alberto's destiny, waiting until SummerSlam (August). 

    Arguably, there were a number of intangibles that prevented Del Rio from achieving his destiny when he probably should have. Such as the possibility (it wasn't confirmed at the time) that WrestleMania could be Edge's last match.

    Then came the triumphant story of Christian finally winning the world championship. From this point, his destiny wasn't looking very good, as Del Rio was overshadowed—until he won the Money in the Bank match.

    With the WWE investing so much time into Alberto's destiny, it wouldn't be very logical to have him drop the championship after a month.

The Return of Super-Cena May Be Imminent

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    The last few months we have seen a different side of John Cena. Against CM Punk, he wasn't unbeatable, he was vulnerable, and thus his matches were believable. 

    However, since the conclusion of that feud, Cena seems to have moved backwards into his Super-Cena persona.

    Week after week, Cena is one-upping Del Rio, both in matches and promos, utilising his own brand of comedy.

    Super-Cena is a gimmick that has undoubtedly staled over the last few years. A heel turn isn't the only answer, a simple character tweak could work.

    John Cena is again becoming Super-Cena, and he rarely loses when he is in a mood like this. 

There Is an Upcoming Tour of Mexico

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    With the WWE set to tour Mexico in a few months, it is clear that Mexicans such as Alberto Del Rio and the Sin Cara's have been highlighted.

    Clearly, they want to give Mexican fans something to cheer about.

    With that it mind, would it be wise to have John Cena win the WWE Championship? 

    Of course they could always have Del Rio win the title back, as there is Hell in a Cell and Vengeance upcoming. Expect Alberto to be WWE Champion when this Mexico tour rolls around. 

    This doesn't necessarily confirm the result at Night of Champions, but maybe I just spoiled the next few pay-per-views for you.

John Cena Is Entering This Match on Top

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    As I mentioned earlier, John Cena has been defeating Alberto Del Rio both in matches and on the mic.

    It's common to see Cena enter a pay-per-view like this, and if the past is anything to go by, Cena has a high chance of winning at Night of Champions.

    Booking 101 states that if a wrestler enters a pay-per-view on top, they will probably lose. This can be seen in the Awesome Truth, who have defeated AirBoom on both RAW and SmackDown.

    However, Cena has rarely lost at pay-per-views when booked as Super-Cena. This doesn't bode well for Del Rio.

The Match Has Been Overshadowed

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    While this is an interesting match, it is by no means the main event of Night of Champions. That honour goes to CM Punk vs. Triple H.

    The interactions between Punk, Triple H and Kevin Nash have been the main focus of RAW over the last few weeks, and Del Rio and Cena have been afterthoughts.

    I think this is due to the lack of a real story, which stems from the illogical reasons for the feud to start in the first place. 

    Cena hates Del Rio for cashing in Money in the Bank after a great match. By that logic, Cena should hate Edge.

    Add to that the one week absence of the WWE Champion, and the build for this match hasn't been very strong.

John Cena Never Gives Up

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    John Cena has become famous for his "Hustle, Loyalty and Respect" mantra. Part of Cena's mentality is to never give up.

    We saw this earlier in the year when, after 20 minutes of abuse, Cena wouldn't quit against The Miz, and miraculously recovered to gain the victory.

    This is terrible for Alberto Del Rio, who's finishing move, the cross armbreaker, is a submission move.

    Unless the plan is for Alberto to win clean over Cena, don't expect to see him tap out to Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio Is Being Booked as a Strong Heel Champion

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    Unlike many of the recent heel champions, Del Rio is a strong heel.

    He occasionally used Ricardo Rodriguez to cheat, however, more often than not, he is winning cleanly with the cross armbreaker.

    This greatly contradicts with the aforementioned "never give up" mindset of John Cena.

    Unless the WWE plans on giving Del Rio a strong run as champion, which he should be, he is probably going to have to win cheaply.

    Winning cheaply against Cena isn't new (infact it's the only way it happens), however it would be the incorrect way to book this match, and would only remind us of the John Cena we are tired of. 

    For the sake of Del Rio, let him win cleanly. Give him a non-submission finisher if you have to (he probably needs one).

John Cena Is on a Streak of Great Matches

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    It's not all negatives for John Cena. Since Money in the Bank, Cena has seemingly stepped up his in-ring work.

    All three matches against CM Punk were fantastic. Not only on pay-per-view, but his matches on RAW (such as the main event against Rey Mysterio) have been quality.

    Great news, as Night of Champions (like all pay-per-views) needs high quality matches to make the event memorable.

John Cena Is Teaming with The Rock in a 5-on-5 Survivor Series Tag Match

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    You might wonder why this has anything to do with Night of Champions. Survivor Series is only two months away and, with Cena already booked in a tag match, he won't be in the WWE championship match.

    Of course this is assuming the WWE champion isn't going to be involved in a classic Survivor Series tag match. 

    Working under this assumption, someone else besides Cena (possibly Del Rio) will be the WWE champion come Survivor Series. 

    Yes, there are two more pay-per-views before then, so there is time to have Cena win and lose the championship, if they're that desperate to have him hold it.

They Will Probably Have a Rematch in Two Weeks at Hell in a Cell

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    In an unusual schedule for WWE, they have two pay-per-views in three weeks—as Hell in a Cell is only two weeks away.

    Because of this, the card will be filled with rematches from Night of Champions.

    Two weeks is not long enough to establish a new No. 1 contender, so we can assume John Cena will vs. Alberto Del Rio again in two weeks, with or without CM Punk (as in a triple threat match).

    Whatever happens at Night of Champions, don't expect this feud to be over.


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    Night of Champions is set to be an entertaining show, with many of the matches expected to deliver in-ring. 

    I'm sure Alberto Del Rio and John Cena will work a great match, and I'm also sure we'll all be complaining about the booking, we always do. 

    Anyway, try to enjoy the show as a fan as I will be. 

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